Mac cube idea

Posted by: falkenberg2007

Mac cube idea - 03/31/07 11:52 AM

I came up with an idea at Macworld and everyone loved the idea, though I don't have the knowledge or time to implement it. Take a Mac Cube and mod it so it looks like a Borg cube from ST:TNG, DS:9, Voyager. I was thinking you could put in a small light to simulate a tractor beam and have a small model of the the Enterprise D being caught in it. And when it powers up, it would say "resistance is futile !". Perhaps you could make the beam display a small Apple logo on the starship. Another idea would be to motorize the cube so you could radio control it and run it around at user meetings or even Macworld.  ( Perhaps it would look for it's own wi-fi ? )Anyone want to try it? I'd be willing to fund some of the expense if 2 could be built. [ One for the modder and one for me. ] ( cube would need a bigger hd though)

George Senda
Martinez, Ca
Posted by: JediJoker7169

Re: Mac cube idea - 04/01/07 06:17 PM

Modding for looks?  No problem.  Tractor beam with Apple logo?  A little more difficult.  Radio control?  Very challenging.  That last bit would be very cool, though.  Unfortunately, the cube is not a perfect cube, and so making it look like a Borg cube without fabricating a new case for it would make for a somewhat strange thing.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Mac cube idea - 04/02/07 04:14 PM

Sounds like a neat idea. Best thing to use for the tracker beam is a laser pen or a laser sight to a gun in green and use a custom lens that will show the apple logo.