Power mac G5

Posted by: wisdom_105

Power mac G5 - 02/09/07 12:51 AM

hi i am thinking about buy all the parts to make a Power mac G5 because i can't afford all of it right now , how hard would it be to make ? is there enough resources  on internet to tell me how to do it?

and all the main bits like the logic board the case and processor and power supply  ? what else would i need?

any Thoughts?


Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Power mac G5 - 02/09/07 03:08 AM

Really and turely all you need is a logicboard and CPU. The rest you can use cheap 3rd party PC parts.
Posted by: maestro

Re: Power mac G5 - 02/09/07 08:00 PM

Meta is partially right.  You need the PSU too.  The G5 is one of the worst Macs to mod cuz its so damn Mac.  To run it correctly you need sensors and G5 fans.  So add those to the list.  Its not gonna be cheap though, but what the hell, if you are motivated and got the knowledge, go for it!

Careful where you buy parts as it will take time before you can test them out.  Even then it will be hard to diagnose problems.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Power mac G5 - 02/10/07 01:14 AM

I can get most of the pinouts for G5 PSUs if it helps.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Power mac G5 - 02/10/07 04:31 AM

I would like a copy of the pinouts please.