my new comp!

Posted by: manhackman

my new comp! - 01/11/07 04:05 AM

My room mate just found this in the trash on his way home!!! I'll test it when I get a chance!
Posted by: Kisin

Re: my new comp! - 01/11/07 06:25 AM

you lucky $%@#$%^#$%^!!!! hahahah enjoy it!
Posted by: maestro

Re: my new comp! - 01/11/07 02:02 PM

Nice!  Get that beast up and running.
Posted by: krusher117

Re: my new comp! - 01/11/07 03:56 PM

Thats pretty sweet!  What a find!
Posted by: manhackman

Re: my new comp! - 01/13/07 10:22 PM

It's not working.... frown

Makes booting noises, but the crt doesn't power, nor do the LEDs on the keyboard for numlock or capslock...
Posted by: zenstate

Re: my new comp! - 01/14/07 01:34 AM

hence why it was in the trash..  smile
Posted by: zenstate

Re: my new comp! - 01/14/07 01:40 AM

if I were you I would keep it around as an ornament and reminder of where apple has come from.
Posted by: maestro

Re: my new comp! - 01/14/07 03:43 AM could mod it with a mini or cube and have a sweet little server for files, music, etc.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: my new comp! - 01/14/07 06:00 AM

im with maestro on this one, mod that sucker.  Throw a mac mini or an old imac guts in it.
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re: my new comp! - 01/14/07 06:13 AM

Personally, that has Macquarium written all over it. I mean, EVERY Mac modder has to do that eventually. Take that sucker and put a gold fish in it.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: my new comp! - 01/18/07 04:38 AM

ahh the cool mac classic II.. I've got one of those.... nice little machine! I would take the logic board out and check for leaking capacitors/ bad solder joints. I have fixed many old macs by checking those.... also just be  sure, the screen brightness is just not turned all the way down is it? For some odd reason I once had an old mac plus I presumd dead, but it turned out the brightness just wasn't turned up  smile
If all of the above fails, you may have yourself a dead analog board... then if thats the case you mind as well make a fishtank!
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: my new comp! - 01/23/07 11:43 AM

The fishtank mod is dumb. I would hunt down a VGA crt or LCD and a imac logicboard for it.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: my new comp! - 01/23/07 07:26 PM

Or an LCD and a Mac Mini
Posted by: manhackman

Re: my new comp! - 01/25/07 04:59 AM

Originally Posted By: "Waragainstsleep "

Or an LCD and a Mac Mini

This is the new plan!.. Only I'm going to try and squeeze my 20.1" wide screen in it  :P
I found this site indicating how to safely discharge the CRT.
If anyone else has any pointers regarding this please let me know... I was once shocked by 2000+ volts and it was a very freaky experience.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: my new comp! - 01/25/07 09:31 AM

Discharging DRTs is one of those things. People go on about how dangerous it is, so people rightly take alot of care when doing it. Then its a massive disappointment when you don't get a big spark or something else interesting.
Posted by: Tigaernach

Re: my new comp! - 01/25/07 06:53 PM

How true. You're sitting there geared p like a scuba diver from outer space,
thining "Oh yeah, this is gonna be sweet! Yeah!", you do it and then, "Oh.
Was that it? Is it done yet?"

Posted by: 987687

Re: my new comp! - 01/25/07 08:57 PM

Then there was the time that I though the display was discharged, and it wasn't.... OUCH
Posted by: manhackman

CRT discharge woes - 01/29/07 07:27 PM

So I had a great idea... I have a good friend who works at my local mac retailer/repair store and he let me come in to discharge the screen, and use their discharge tool.  I  was ready to attempt it at home, but I figured I could wait a few days and use the right tool.  Well it was a bitch trying to get the thing under the rubber of the suction cup.  I took my time twisting it back and forth, trying not to use too much force.  when I got close to the contact I heard some cracking.  But unfortunately it sounded more like glass chipping than anything electrical.. and I heard it on two separate occasions.  I managed to get the tool just barely past the housing of the wire and it would go no further.  I have no idea if I made contact or not... I'm just trying to salvage the case at this point so I don;t care about breaking the tube.
I hate to sound like a wuss, but one good shock is enough to cause me to be pretty paranoid.
Anybody know of a safe way to test if the discharge was successful?
Posted by: manhackman

Re: my new comp! - 01/29/07 09:56 PM

Well I grew my nuts back and went for it.  The machine disassembled pretty quick, except I forgot how snug scsi connectors can be.  Heres some pics...
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: my new comp! - 02/27/07 02:01 AM

Next time you discharge a CRT don't bother with the ground wire. When you think about it the Ground wire wouldn't do a thing at all because the gauge is too small and doesn't have enough wire strains. Have to remember ground current moves on the outside of the strans. Just use a plastic handled screw driver and make it touch the tube as you pull off the massive power cable. It will ground it self out. Or you can take a old power cable and cut off the two main power prongs and leave the ground and plug it into a wall for a minute then unplug it and walla. Ofcorse make sure the wall socket has a common ground. I've found a lot of homes don't use a common ground on most sockets.