Ejectile Dysfunction

Posted by: waamatt

Ejectile Dysfunction - 11/15/06 06:45 PM

So, I don't appear to be able to properly eject CDs from my system. If they remain in either my internal DVD burner or my external CD burner (oh yeah, FW ports seem to be working now, after a PMU reset) for more than, oh, 1 minute, you can eject them only in the sense that their icon disappears from the desktop... Beyond that, the CD never gets ejected. With the external drive, that's not a problem. With the internal drive, it means re-booting the computer. Which, in a way, would be fine if it would actually reboot and not just hang until I force it to shut down.

Any ideas? Should I perhaps follow the kext cache purge routine and do other usual troubleshooting maintenance?

I also did something I now regret: I used to have Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn installed on my iMac and it didn't run so good. I just thought, "Hey, why don't I install it on this PowerMac G4?!" It installed fine... Until it told me it had added software that needed me to restart my computer, and then once the desktop loaded up, I was getting horrible screen artifacts. After putting the Radeon 9800 Pro back to stock frequencies, they went away, and I was able to go into ATIcellerator II with the ability to see things well and figure out the speed reduction limits before artefacting began. I'm waiting for a reply from MacPlay about what was installed and if it can be removed and have the game still work.

Of course, I tried to eject the game's first disc about 30 minutes after it was put into my external optical drive and - whatayaknow - it never truly ejected and will not now re-mount. Fan-tastic.

So, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Ejectile Dysfunction - 11/15/06 07:31 PM

Nice title, I was getting ready to delete some spam.... as for the prob, no idea. sorry!
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Re: Ejectile Dysfunction - 11/15/06 10:19 PM

Creat a new user account and see if it changes anything. If you reboot and hold either the eject key or the left mouse button, does it eject reliably?
The fact it happens to two different drives implies its a software issue. I had a PowerMac G5 do the same thing not so long ago. My MDD did it for a while with the DVR-110 I installed. It seems OK now though.
You could try repairing permissions but I expect an archive & install of the OS is the next step to try.
Worth testing the other methods of ejecting discs. I find that sometimes one way works alot better than others. You have your eject key on the keyboard, apple-E, drag to trash, or install the eject menu (goto HD -> System -> Library -> Coreservices -> Menu Extras, then double click eject.menu.).

Best of luck.
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Re: Ejectile Dysfunction - 11/16/06 04:32 PM

A couple of weeks ago I reset the PMU and that seemed to fix the FireWire ports, but I've been wondering if it's caused my eject issues.

I ran Tiger Cache Cleaner, by the way, and then shut down, reset the PMU, and now the following things have occurred:
1. I still have working FW ports.
2. I have all 2GB of PC3200 RAM in my machine without problems.
3. The flashed 9800 Pro is still working like a charm.
4. I can put my computer to sleep and wake it up.

I have not tested the optical drive. Maybe tonight if time permits it. Still no response from MacPlay about what was installed with BGII:SoA.
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Re: Ejectile Dysfunction - 12/04/06 01:00 AM

Might be hardware related. Try switching out the ribbon cable and if that doesn't work try a diffrent drive and if it still doesn't work then you can always reinstall OS X.

I've had a problem with my iMac kinda like this. When the system was stock the CD-ROM drive acted a bit funny. Had to force open the drive all the time and didn't like to read home made data CDs. This was also before I installed OS X and the system still ran OS9. I tryed the frimware patch and also tryed a diffrent ribbon cable to no aval. Then I switched it out with a modified desktop CD-ROM drive and it worked just fine then ended up using a slot-load iMac DVD drive then it died and found a DVD drive from a Tobisha laptop that was compatable. Then the CRT died shortly after installing OS X (10.1.5).

I think hat is installed with BG2:SoA is networking kexts for multiplayer use.