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Posted by: waamatt

almost... almost... - 10/23/06 10:45 PM

So, I'm nearing completion on my MDD mod. I went out yesterday and decided to stop at a local hardware shop to grab some aluminum screen/mesh and a sheet of thin rubber. Why?

The screen is to remove one of the optical drive doors and create a vent that isn't just a giant, open hole. With some dremel work I might also create a screen behind where I mounted the fan controller.

The rubber is to make gromets for the fans like the ones inside the PSU have on them. It might be a bit thicker, but since it's going on fans that aren't in such confined spaces, it shouldn't be too bad. Anything I can do to potentially lessen noise is A-OK in my book.

In closing, I think I will settle for putting the bus speed back to 133MHz. I may just not have the time to devote to trying different CPU multiplier settings on the 167 bus. I do have some more I want to add to the machine, like a slot cooler behind the GPU, and with some more of the optical drive chassis removed I could probably give my 9800 Pro a heatpipe cooler!

Oh, one more thing: I noticed that if you underclock the 9800 too much, it does not play nice. Bad 9800 Pro! Bad! ... OK, fine, you can run at only -5% to -10% processor and memory speeds.
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Re: almost... almost... - 10/23/06 11:38 PM

sounds interesting. are you going to post a mod guide with pics of your mdd?
i am curious to see your machine.
i never had the idea of using the mirror doors as air intake smile

btw. if you wanna fit a heatpipe thinggie or a silent cooler to your 9800, you may need to move your optical drive to the lower bay in order to get enough space by chop chop the upper one...

the 9800pro-underclocking issue sounds bizarre. sure you tried downclocking aiming at lower temps to run it without coolerfan...

please keep us updated. 

greets from curious chris (the unreal one)
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Re: almost... almost... - 10/24/06 03:53 PM

Oh, I'll post a guide. I've been planning on it, I just take FOREVER to do anything in regards to this computer. :P

The optical drive is already in the lower slot, but I will need to remove more of the upper, back area of the chassis to fit a new cooling unit (of any kind!) on the 9800 Pro. That's actually my last priority, as I'd rather get the computer to be 100% stable and quiter first.

Knowing that air is key, and after removing the upper optical drive bay door, I'll have two vents in addition to any and all fans: the speaker hole (the speaker has been removed, and I will be putting a fan in that area, which may force me to cut down that bizarre wall coming up where the AirPort card slides in) and the drive door.

The ugliest parts of this computer so far are the cut optical drive chassis (it's not a straight cut, but maybe a few hours of grinding could fix that...) and the fan speed controller which is basically just taped into the case. Yay!
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Re: almost... almost... - 10/24/06 09:02 PM

i see.
take your time. some things can't be rushed ^.^

the "bizarre wall where the airport card slides in" is in fact the rear support for full length PCI or AGP cards. such as a geforce4 Ti (no choice for you, as your 9800pro is faster anyway). i also removed this part on my first MDD mod, but was able to keep it the second time by using a 15mm thin fan in the speakerhole.

seems your MDD isnt really stable at 1080? i have had good results with several dual 867, although running painfully unstable at 167/1080, i had no probs whatsoever at 167/1000 MHz. the only real PITA would be to clock them back to 133/867. these resistors are too damn small for clumsy me roflmao

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Re: almost... almost... - 10/26/06 11:13 PM

I'm just going to go with the clump of solder where a resistor should be method, shoot for 167/1000 (1002, technically)... tommorow! If that doesn't let me go back to my days of 2GB of RAM, then it's back to 133/867 for me. Although... Maybe 133/933 would be an option. I don't remember if I posted it here on MacMod that I think the only reason they made a Dual 867 was so that it'd be higher than a Dual 800, but far enough from the Dual 1000 to make the DP1GHz model a viable choice. Or I don't know what the hell I'm talking about (because I don't... Yay!). Hahaha.
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Re: almost... almost... - 10/29/06 03:10 PM


1000/167 doesn't work either. That is, it works until I put more than 1GB of RAM in the machine. Me = sad. Next week I'll be setting the machine back to 867/133, though I am tempted to try a higher clock speed on the slower bus!

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a problem that I only just confirmed on Friday: My FireWire ports don't work! Either I damaged something in regards to the ports, or the faster bus is creating a conflict. If they can't be repaired, I'll feel a bit sad, but I wanted to get a FW+USB card anyway (and it's not like I have to worry about sleep problems - this machine refuses to wake from sleep anyway, just like every PowerMac G4 I've used).

I settled on cooling parts and all that so the interior of my case will be a fun-time shiney blue. Weeeee... In other news, I know why my CPUs are getting so hot. My 120mm fan is just shy of useless. It pushes SO little air.
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Re: almost... almost... - 10/30/06 12:35 PM

Usually when an entire bus goes bad the first thing to do is reset the PMU.

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Re: almost... almost... - 10/30/06 10:16 PM

Ha... Well, that's the first time I've heard that, so... Perhaps I shall try that when I get home. It'd be hilarious if it solved all my problems.