help with hds

Posted by: maestro

help with hds - 10/19/06 01:36 PM

I am switching some disks in the Killer Bee mod.  The 250gb ata disk is going to another mod and I am installing a striped disk set for Raid O.  My problem is that I am having trouble installing OSX Tiger on my sata disks that are connected to a Firmtek and Acard pci controllers.  It can be done, but for some reason Im getting lock ups.  Anyway, I want to copy my OS disk to one of the other disks instead.  I need an application to do that.  I dont recall what I have used in the past but it worked well.  I dont like carbon copy cloner either.  Any suggestions?
Posted by: maestro

Re: help with hds - 10/19/06 05:46 PM

Silver Keeper is the app I was looking for.  If anyone has ideas on better software for making bootable backups, lemme know.

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Re: help with hds - 10/19/06 06:02 PM

CopyCat works well and its pretty fast. I have used it a few times.
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Re: help with hds - 10/20/06 08:00 AM

You can try Disk Utility. Image the whole disk and then restore the new one from the image.
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Re: help with hds - 10/20/06 04:17 PM

Thanks for the tips guys.  I used SilverKeeper this time because I trust it.  I will try some more in the future.  Thing is, it took for ever.  After some serious shuffling overnight, I rebooted to my MXIII boot disk (new one).  OSX intro came up and had me go through the motions of setting up.  Hmmm, not as I expected.  Oh well, I went with it and had it take all of my info from my old boot disk (also a MXIII, but ata) and load er up.  I had to go too work (always a bummer, lol) so hopefully its up and running when I get back.

PS I am doing some additional mods to the Killer Bee and hopefully I can update soon.
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Re: help with hds - 10/24/06 09:12 PM

i only use SuperDuper for cloning. in fact, CCC did mess up my software raid0 once to an extent that i had to reformat the whole thing...

might there be some compatibility issue with firmtek and acard? i have both working flawless, but i never used them together in one machine...