pci sound cards?

Posted by: macDeviant

pci sound cards? - 09/21/06 09:38 PM

I'm looking for an inexpnsive sound card for one of my biege g3. i'm recasing it. and want to ditch the ISA character card with the onboard sound and video. anybody know of anything or am i stuck with a pricy m-audio card (which isn't worth it for that old compy) or a usb solution?


Posted by: maestro

Re: pci sound cards? - 09/21/06 10:56 PM

Thats funny, I was just looking at audio cards today too.  M Audio is the way to go.  If you just want audio for it, use the original wing card you spoke of.  You will just need to mod the case a bit.  There are several usb solutions too.  I suggest if you want the usb route, go to http://www.macsales.com.  That is OWCs website.  They have a good selection of Mac stuff.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: pci sound cards? - 09/22/06 12:11 AM

well the case is needing to be low profile. so i think it's ditch the ISA card and go with something USB. i have plety of imics around the house i can use. maybe it's worth the 30 bucks to get an ISA riser card to get the onboard sound and svideo, since i was thinking of spending the money for a sound card any how.

well onto the next hoop to jump through with my project.