low end Imacs

Posted by: Tanner31593

low end Imacs - 09/19/06 09:43 PM

ok im not really sure how to use this forum.
but im just wondering,

i had a gateway e4200,

winxp, 384mb ram,
and all that,

it was alright,

windows had major spyware,

but then the lightning hit.

(i could just replace the power supply but the lightning was my excuse to get a mac :-) )

but im wondering,

im looking at a used refurb imac g3,

and im just wondering,

they have them that have 333mhz, and that,

333 mhz?? that seems really slow,

but maybe its cuz im a windows user,

is 333mhz a good speed on a mac?

im not expecting it to be purfect,

just at least to run equal to my old windows,

im sick of dealing with windows,

but is an imac g3 333mhz a good buy for $40?

is that fast??

ram isnt a prob cuz the gateway takes the same memory as the mac does but 333 seems so slow, but maybe thats pc standards?

help me!

Please reply/email or both whichever@!


Posted by: macDeviant

Re: low end Imacs - 09/19/06 10:08 PM

well to try and answer a few questions. 333mhz isn't really that fast, i have a 333mhz G3 iMac, 333mhz G3 biege PowerMac, and 350mhz G3 Blue and White PowerMac. Each one has a differnet configuration. Course i guess i'm used to my QUAD, but others might agree, not so fast anymore.

The iMac uses PC100/133 notebook ram.

the imac i have can run OSX 10.3 panther. which seems to run alright with 256MB ram and a 30gig Hdd.

as far as price goes.. i think i was lucky i picked mine up at a thrift store for 15bucks so i'll let some one else answer that one. you could always check ebay. and there might be better machines on ebay aswell. i would take a rev b Blue and White over an imac. and i think they are going pretty cheap on ebay now adays. just find out if it's a rev B first.

anything i missed?


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Posted by: clarkbar6

Re: low end Imacs - 09/19/06 10:14 PM

From the sound of it, this is going to be your primary use computer? for that, i would say light email and internet usage, wordprocessing and the like, but dont get excited about music (doubt the harddrive on that thing holds much more than the biggest nano anyway), photos or anything fancy. for a child as a first mac it would be good. This is essentially a 7+ year old computer, and even considering it for purchase speaks volumes over its pc counterparts (could you imagine going out and buying a pentium 2?) it also will most likely have OS 9 on it, so u dont get the functionality/current-ness of applications that os X has

if u could spring for a g4 imac (lowest at 700 mhz, up to 1ghz) then do that, then u can bathe in os x goodness, but itll cost u around 400
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: low end Imacs - 09/19/06 10:41 PM

I have seen G4s going for 200.00 and up. but those aren't 700Mmhz machines. they aren't a 333Mhz G3 either.