powermac g4 case fan help

Posted by: gangster_dup1

powermac g4 case fan help - 07/25/06 10:51 PM

i went to replace my noisy g4 dp 800 case fan and noticed it was aimed to push air towards the side of the case where it is mounted, not to blow air on the mb and components. isnt this wrong? doesnt the ps fan draw air out of the case (which it is doing) and the case fan draws it in from the side where the small metal holes are on the case? that wont happen the way it was set up and it looks factory stock.

which is correct. thanks.
Posted by: piakothewise

Re: powermac g4 case fan help - 08/06/06 05:30 PM

yeah it should be plastic --> holes --> fan --> components

at least on my g4 stooth it's that way. there are holes in the metal case which allow air in. the psu exits the hot air.
Posted by: godicm

Re: powermac g4 case fan help - 10/24/06 09:39 PM

interesting remark about airflow direction in the quicksilver case.

i have seen both setups. one is pulling air out by PSU as well as Casefan, the other has the casefan blowing air in. both are stock. i never found out which one is more useful in terms of temperature, as the QS-CPU doesnt support temp measurements.

also the 60mm fan behind the heatsink usually doesnt seem to know which direction it's supposed to blow... every QS i get seems to be different.

when setting up quicksilvers, i always install the casefan blowing air inside, PSU and CPU-fans pull air out of the case. so there is one rough direction: coolness in below, heat out atop.

sort of.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: powermac g4 case fan help - 10/25/06 12:42 PM

Too bad you can't get a 80mm fan to pull in air into the case and a smaller 40mm fan to suck it back out when it becomes warm.