WY-55 network terminal on a mac?

Posted by: TCPMeta

WY-55 network terminal on a mac? - 07/10/06 11:35 PM

I scored two Wyse wy-55 network terminals from the local McDonald's. I wonder is theres a way to convert the 25pin serial to USB then control the terminal from my iMac and vice versa.
Sadly I didn't find any keyboards for them, they use a RJ9 phone like connector for the keyboard. I rewired a old PS\2 keyboard but it doesn't like it. To me this would be handy for my gaming server so I can have the server term window running on the terminal instead of the server's main display.
Posted by: Tayklor

Re - 07/11/06 11:30 PM

OK you can find the keyboards on ebay, and You nead a TERM software, and a 25-pin split,
plug that split in to your network and use the WY-55 To View

Not What You Want, Google IT!!!!smile
Posted by: TCPMeta

WY-55 network terminal on a mac? - 07/22/06 09:30 PM

I've looked everywhere on how to setup the terminal but no luck. Just websites on buying one. I got a keyboard for it yesterday finaly.