1st Mod ?????

Posted by: wisdom_105

1st Mod ????? - 07/03/06 08:25 PM

Hi i want to start moding, really wanted to do but i want to no where all these spare or old computers come from? do u buy one then mod then keep it or thse just spares u have? and what was everyones 1st mod?

thanks for ur time

Posted by: whitlock

1st Mod ????? - 07/03/06 08:37 PM

When you first start off, many times the spare parts are what you get off junker machines in the street, what your family pawns off on you, or something you pickup in a bargain bin. Then you start getting more and more parts, going to auctions, picking up old machines from work or school, and it adds up. A lot. At one point, I had enough parts to fill a 2 car garage. Well, with enough walking room, but I'm pretty skinny.

Basically it takes baby steps and it snowballs. Others may have different backgrounds, though they will probably be similar.

As for my first mod, it was actually integrating a NES into an aquarium stand and installing speakers. That was over 10 years ago now I think about it.
Posted by: modyourmac

1st Mod ????? - 07/03/06 09:47 PM

heh, my first mod was a performa 630 and 2 cans of spraypaint.

As far as spare parts go, I dont count. I'm a service provider. My business is spare parts smile
Posted by: iProd

1st Mod ????? - 07/04/06 02:36 AM

I get all of my things from the dump smile
Posted by: anil8tor

1st Mod ????? - 07/04/06 12:53 PM

Ebay where the world buys junk!
My first mod was to over-clock my bondi imac.
Good luck, and welcome to Macmod!
Posted by: krusher117

1st Mod ????? - 07/05/06 04:12 AM

Removed the paint from the inside of the first Dual USB iBook and painted it blue.
Posted by: shadowboxer47

1st Mod ????? - 07/05/06 05:11 PM

My first mod... hmmm... I'm having a hard time remembering that one! I'd have to say something really basic, like painting my logic board with UV.
Posted by: Tayklor

1st Mod ????? - 07/10/06 02:47 PM

My 1st mod was a 603 tower with a wifi card (it did not work)

Now the PCI is fried

Posted by: TCPMeta

1st Mod ????? - 07/10/06 06:35 PM

If you live near a millitary base you can get a lot of parts dirt cheap. Most bases have what they call DRMO. it's some times a off site warehouse that they sell damaged/old office stuff and stuff they can't pawn off to amry navy surplus stores. Of check once in a while in dumspters near call centers.

My frist mod wasn't really a mod. Bought two junk computers for 25 bucks each at the DRMO and built one system out of them. This ofcorse was back when intel 386 and 486 systems were common. I built a 386 that had the Am386 DX at 40MHz with a whopping 16MB or ram. At the time people were thinking I was nuts because most highend systems then had 8MB of ram. Kinda like back when most systems had 512MB of ram and people thought you were god when you had 1GB lol.

Anyway my frist real mod (as in what most people havn't done) was cramed a PC into a VCR case. After thinking about it that was 8 years ago.
Posted by: spang

1st Mod ????? - 07/10/06 10:50 PM

Craigslist.org is an awesome site for spare parts and machines. Also check schools, they sometimes give away old computers. I'm working at a tech department at a school and we usually give away about 15 old computers and a bunch (ok more like a truck full) of spare parts.

Oh, and first mod... Hmm... I think it was adding a USB Hub to an old keyboard. Was pretty simple, just drill a few holes here and there and tape some wires toghether.
Posted by: Tigaernach

Re: 1st Mod ????? - 08/22/06 02:38 PM

I got most of my computer gizzamjings from my family and
friends, with a perfect shape iMAc REV. A being about the coolest.

My first mod was overclocking my iBook Clamshell from 300 to 400Mhz.