Need help with project

Posted by: jahue

Need help with project - 01/19/06 01:29 AM

Guys i need some help im working on a couple of mods and i need some parts......well some computer to be exact. Im looking for a MACMINI without a top but in good working order. I went to ebay but cant find one cheap enough. can anyone help me or point-me in a direction.
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Re:Need help with project - 01/19/06 12:09 PM

You can buy the logic board from an Apple service centre. Then add your own RAM and drives......
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Re:Need help with project - 01/19/06 04:06 PM

unfortunately, Apple Authorized Service Providers arent allowed to sell parts outright. Its part of their contract agreement with apple.

Unfortunately, we periodically get customers who refuse to understand that it doesnt matter if apple doesnt know. we cannot break contract.

Anyway, I'll keep my eyes open for anything mac mini that might be of help. You might be better off just buying one though.
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Re:Need help with project - 01/22/06 05:09 AM

erg, thought I had a logic board & case links, nm. I've seen a Mac mini logic board on eBay right now for $179 and the top shells for $49

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Re:Need help with project - 01/22/06 02:36 PM

The Mini is fairly new and as such the after market options will be limited. Ebay is your best bet. Also consider the Cube, wich can be had for a very reasonable prices and is also small with a nice upgrade path too.