Airport in a imac 500

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Airport in a imac 500 - 01/05/06 08:00 PM

My sister has an indigo iMac 500 running 10.3. She wants wireless added to it. Here is the problem, she is halfway across the country so for this to happen I will need to be able to talk her through the process. She is not an idiot when it comes to computers, but actually digging into the case or looking for drivers or anything like that would be beyond her abilities. Is anyone familiar with that model? Is it just as simple as putting in an airport card? Or should I tell her to fogert about it for now? Thanks.
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Re:Airport in a imac 500 - 01/05/06 08:11 PM

I've worked on the same model iMac and it's as easy as plug 'n play 'cause she's running os X. Please note that there's an Airport Adapter required, so you can't just plug the airport card into the iMac slot. So it's:

iMac airport slot -> Airport Adapter -> Airport Card

The airport slot is located at the bottom of the computer, you can open the small 'door' giving acces to the RAM and airport slot(s) using a coin (no tools required). Next just plug the adapter in the iMac, the Airport Card in the adapter and connect the little wire (= antenna) to the Airport Card.

By the way if she still has the manual, it's probably also in there. Good luck!

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Re:Airport in a imac 500 - 01/05/06 08:50 PM

It should be fairly straightforward. Though the iMac requires an airport adaptor which the card slots into.
Like eBay item 5848366690.

You should be able to install both bits through the slot which opens for RAM upgrades. All you need to get in there is a small coin.
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Re:Airport in a imac 500 - 01/06/06 12:03 AM

Thanks for the info