Memory limit

Posted by: maestro

Memory limit - 12/26/05 11:47 PM

Has anyone tried putting 2 gb memory sticks in a older G5 model? Mine has only four slots in it and I am wondering if it will handle 8gb or memory with the new larger sticks.
Posted by: maestro

Re:Memory limit - 12/28/05 02:32 AM

I see a lot of people have read this post, but there is no answer. Guess I may have to try it and see.

Posted by: krusher117

Re:Memory limit - 12/28/05 07:38 AM

i put my money on "yes it will work"
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re:Memory limit - 12/29/05 05:45 AM

I'm pretty sure it will work (you've probably tried already). I remember reading somewhere about it... but of course, now that I need it, I don't remember :silly:
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:Memory limit - 12/29/05 08:12 PM

I'm not convinced. Wouldn't like to risk the cash on a 2GB stick to try it either.... If I get the chance, I'll try it out. But over here, a 2GB Kingston stick costs a few bucks less than a 17" iMac G5, so we don't sell too many.