Smurf on the rampage

Posted by: macDeviant

Smurf on the rampage - 12/24/05 08:35 PM

well i have my Smurf is freezing and panicing all over the place. it was tricky enought to begin with, but after 15 hours of fighting i finally got panther loaded onto it and didn't dare try and install tiger. When it sleeps, it's freezes. every 30 or so minutes, it freezes. when it has too many applications open up, it freezes. i have 2x256MB ram sticks in it. i'm thinking they might be a cuplrit. i don't know about one stick, but the other i know is good. i tried reinstalling firmware, but it had been done already. i reset the logic board, and i'd reset the PMU but i'm not sure which button on the logic board it is.

i don't want this to have been a wasted 100 bucks. i'm at my wits ends. please help

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Re:Smurf on the rampage - 12/24/05 09:18 PM

Sure sounds like "Bad Memory" to me. Have you tried just the stick you think is good? or maybe get a hold of some from someone else...

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Re:Smurf on the rampage - 12/25/05 02:13 AM

try using a 32x64 dimm of PC133 256MB. Thats what I use in my B&W and works quite well. The only thing is the system forces the modules to run at PC100 frown

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Re:Smurf on the rampage - 12/25/05 05:10 AM

I ended up swaping out the one 256 chip for two 128 chips out of the beige, the smurf works like a charm now. I don't know if the ram is bad, or if OSX just doesn't like it. oh well maybe the 256 chip will work better in my beige. if not i'll be giving a call to other world computing and getting some of their PC 133 ram. seems to be a descent price there.

thanks all
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Re:Smurf on the rampage - 12/29/05 08:20 PM

Memory controller in the Beige is a whole lot sturdier than the one used in Smurfs. Lombard PowerBooks and original iMacs used the same ropey controller. I have a 256MB stick for my Lombard which is the perfect spec for it, works like a charm under OS 9, worked for a month or so under Panther without issue, having also been happy with Jaguar, then started to crap out all over the place. Weird graphics and kernel panics everywhere. I put it in a box for a year or so, then tried it again. Fine for weeks, then same old story. Finally got another one which is fine. The rejected one also works fine in Pismos as I recall. I think it worked in the Lombard until I restarted it for the first time in Panther (usually I just sleep it). That might have been what caused it to go wrong. Can't think why though.

Stupid MPC106.

I bet your dodgy chip works in the Beige.
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Re:Smurf on the rampage - 12/29/05 08:30 PM

actually it's funny the bad 256 chip makes the beige a little flakey too. but it seems fine under os 9 :S oh well the smurf works now. and i'll jsut have to buy more memory for the beige. no real loss