I love surplus auctions

Posted by: longbow

I love surplus auctions - 11/26/05 01:20 AM

Last week I went to a surplus auction done by my local university. They usually have a good amount of macs up for sale. So I picked up a few for cheap!

That is, 3 233 beige g3s ,a 300 beige g3 tower, 2 9600s with g3 upgrade cards, a 8500 with and upgrade card, a powerbook 5300, and a se/30

I have been playing around with these and I was looking for some suggestions on them. I would like to sell a couple and try to make a little money. About how much might I be able to get from some of these?
Posted by: iProd

Re:I love surplus auctions - 11/26/05 03:27 AM

I'll take the Apple sticker on the monitor laugh
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:I love surplus auctions - 11/26/05 03:39 AM

That looks like my front room. I have 7 Beige G3s, 2 MTs and 5 DTs. Mine were mostly free though.....
Posted by: longbow

Re:I love surplus auctions - 11/26/05 03:44 AM

actually many of them were free, the most I paid was $7 dollars for one of the 9600s. And it has a 500 mhz g3 upgrade card and 640 MB of ram, so I was happy with the price. There are a few more macs lying around my room too but that is the majority of them.
Posted by: krusher117

Re:I love surplus auctions - 11/26/05 12:42 PM

a lot of universities use the service
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:I love surplus auctions - 11/27/05 11:35 AM

Here in town just a few miles away theres a navy surplus that sales old used computers from the navy for like 20 bucks for 10 systems. Sadly they're none tested and older then dirt. I almost got a palit of Color Classics for 50 bucks but I was too late. Just as I got there to pay for them some guy from the county school board pulled a fast one and got them. Oh well though I ended up getting 12 ThinkPads for the same price and they were still in great shape and worthy to run Linux.
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re:I love surplus auctions - 11/27/05 01:19 PM

If you're willing to sell individual parts, I could use a power supply from a 9600/300 or 9600/350. They have an extra powrful 560W supply that I would love to buy from you. Heck, if you have it I may even buy the whole computer.
Posted by: maestro

Re:I love surplus auctions - 11/27/05 04:21 PM

Sadly, the G45142dp mod has found its new home now. BUT, I did get a like new B/W, that actually had the protective sticker on the sides and the UNUSED keyboard and mouse. Too cool. I also got an old powerbook, dont know if it works though.
Posted by: longbow

Re:I love surplus auctions - 11/27/05 09:09 PM

Shadowboxer, I have two fully functional 9600's, one 350 and one 300. neither of them have their original processors but those are around here somewhere. I would be willing to let one of them go, either in parts or the whole thing. send me a PM.