OX 10.4 swapfile location

Posted by: neukonzept

OX 10.4 swapfile location - 11/17/05 03:29 PM

Now, I'm almost certain that this is being posted in the wrong section, but hopefully the mods will be so kind as to inform me if that's the case.

I've mentioned previously that the desktop I'm using is a MDD 1Ghz MP, with 1Gb of memory. I've also installed a Radeon 9600XT. It's running great.

...until the HD starts swapping away when I have a lot of apps open. Ignoring for a moment that I really ought to max out my RAM to 2Gb, is there a way to move OS X's (10.4) swap file to a separate disk? I'v read tips about doing this, but they all seem to date back to 10.1 and 10.2. Is it still a viable move, or has the swap file performance been optimized since then?

In other words, is trying to change the swap file location a performance boost under 10.4, or no?

Posted by: destructospin

Re:OX 10.4 swapfile location - 11/19/05 02:43 PM

you can use a program like Onyx or Xupport(search versiontracker.com)
i'd recommend an entirely different drive or partition for the swap file
it helped me immensely on my ibook!
even on a partition the seek times will be low
because instead of searching through all the folders on the drive
it'll be the only thing on that partition, so it's easier to find for the OS
Posted by: neukonzept

Re:OX 10.4 swapfile location - 11/19/05 09:39 PM

Thanks for the tip!

I tried changing the swap location using Xupport, but the only option it had available was my main disk. Would it not let me put it on my secondary disk because the two are on the same IDE channel, maybe?

Are you using SATA/SCSI/Firewire drives?

Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:OX 10.4 swapfile location - 11/19/05 09:43 PM

Well you can reformat and partition the drive and make a SWAP partition or you can add a extra drive and use SwapCop and move the swap to a diffrent drive but you want to use a UFS filesystem so it doesn't fragment.