GPU ROM Flashing

Posted by: JediJoker7169

GPU ROM Flashing - 10/22/05 06:57 PM

In the same way that Mac ROMs can be flashed onto PC graphics cards, can PC ROMs be flashed onto Mac graphics cards? I'm in the process of building a gaming machine and my dad has a Mac Radeon 7000 he bought mistakenly thinking it was a 9700. I know that the 7000 can't really handle much, but until I get some real money, I could use it... Painfully...
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:GPU ROM Flashing - 10/22/05 07:45 PM

Might be able too, I remember reading about people flashing their Voodoo 3 cards for Macs and then turned around and flashed them back for PC.
Posted by: usbcd36

Re:GPU ROM Flashing - 10/22/05 08:06 PM

That's not exactly what he's asking, you're talking about restoring a card to factory condition, he's talking about flashing a Mac card with a PC ROM. It should be possible, since the PC ROMs are smaller and will fit in the memory of a Mac card.