ABD keyboard and mouse

Posted by: destructospin

ABD keyboard and mouse - 10/05/05 05:54 PM

i just realized i cant use my Powermac G3(beige) without those ABD keyboards and mice
does anyone have one or the other they wouldn't mind parting ways with?
i can compensate you very nicely if you'd like!
Posted by: MikeMan

Re:ABD keyboard and mouse - 10/05/05 06:20 PM

i do but being in New Zealand makes it a bit harder, if you want to pay the shipping ill be happy to sell them to you, or you could put a usb card in the G3

Posted by: macDeviant

Re:ABD keyboard and mouse - 10/06/05 05:55 AM

hey i've got a mouse and keyboard for you... it's in decent condition too

Posted by: maestro

Re:ABD keyboard and mouse - 10/06/05 08:03 AM

Ive got one. Its painted white though.
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re:ABD keyboard and mouse - 10/06/05 11:51 AM

I've got one too, but looks like everybody got to it before me.
Posted by: JediJoker7169

Re:ABD keyboard and mouse - 10/08/05 05:27 PM

I probably have an old one somewhere. If you want one with a warranty, try http://www.allmac.com.
Posted by: destructospin

Re:ABD keyboard and mouse - 10/09/05 04:16 AM

thanks guys, but macdeviant's hooked it up!