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Posted by: MikeMan

Question time - 10/03/05 10:47 PM

hey guys this has been a while, as i have been macless frown but my friend has offered me his B/W G3 for some money, its got a G4 upgrade allready....

but as i know its got a 132gb (or is it 128GB)

if i was to put a 160Gb hdd it would stay at 128gb Right??

but if i was to have 2x 120gb hdds? would that still work

well the question really is the 128gb limit per drive or per drives on the bus?

any help appresiated

and i will be doing that harddisc acess light mod laugh
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Question time - 10/03/05 11:30 PM

Check out Apple's own information on the 128gb cap:

Basically, if you run OS 10.2 or later, you're OK, unless you run a machine that is older than 2002. SO, in your case, you will have to set your larger drives at a max of 128gb per partition.

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Posted by: mordaskyt

Re:Question time - 10/04/05 09:28 AM

Yeah, the B&W's internal IDE bus is limited to 128 gb per drive, not sure if partitioning will fool it or not. You can allways get a PCI controller card in there to get around that limit, as well as speed up the Smurf's pokey ATA33 bus speed. If that computer you got is one of the infamous Rev1 models you are better off going the PCI route anyway.
Posted by: griffer

Re:Question time - 10/04/05 02:22 PM

As far as i recall from my b/w, theres no way to "trick" the comp to take more than the gb limit... Partitioning the hd doesn't help.
Posted by: MikeMan

Re:Question time - 10/05/05 02:04 AM

cool thanks guys ill work on these when it arrives