PC PCI cards for mac?

Posted by: Loophole

PC PCI cards for mac? - 09/18/05 09:10 AM

I wanted to hook up a decent set of speakers to my QS but I cant get enough grunt out of the headphones socket.

What sort of audio cards (PC or mac) are available for this purpose?
I have a few old creative pci sound cards and am not sure if these might damage my mac or if they will even work at all.

Also would it be better to get a sata pci card or a ATA 100/133 one and will they even work at top speed on the PCI 66mhz bus?

just some general musings


Posted by: maestro

Re:PC PCI cards for mac? - 09/18/05 09:34 AM

Sata is the way to go. I wrote two article on sata cards on this site, check em out. They run much faster than your standard ata-66 hd bus. As for sound cards, the only mac versions I know of are M-audio which are great and start around a hundred bucks. You could get a usb audio in/out. There are a few for macs that will give you mini phono preamp in/out. That would be a cheaper route.