13 cube systems idea

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13 cube systems idea - 09/15/05 09:16 PM

Ok, I have 13 Cube systems that I got from a client. He got me to install 14 PCs in his office. I kept the 13 Cube systems. Anyway I striped them down and built 8 fully loaded systems. Heres the specs, each one has the same specs.

G4 450Mhz
20GB hard drive

The guy that had theses upgraded them 6 months ago and then found out the company he was contracted to used PCs and couldn't share the work. Anyway my idea for theses is to make a 8 node cluster server. So in all the whole system will have the following specs.

3072MB ram
3600Mhz (3.6GHz)
160GB drive space

Ofcorse all of them will run with out a monitor but the main system. I don't know if MacOS X support clustering so i'm going to use FreeBSD. Tomorrow im going to go buy a shelf unit for them and clear off a spot on my desk for another monitor, keyboard and mouse. If I can i'll use the airport for networking them so I won't have a mess of ethernet cable everywhere.Also i'll have to end up buying a external DVD+RW so I can back stuff up once a week with it. Sadly I won't have it here at the house. It will be in my office at work as a server. Yet I can get rid of my huge very outdated SGI Indigo R3000.
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Re:13 cube systems idea - 09/15/05 11:01 PM

no, mac os x can def do this! Check out the following link for some more info on xgrid.


I would love to see these put into some sort of rack looking configuration. That would be sick. Make a mod guide too wink
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Re:13 cube systems idea - 09/16/05 07:01 AM

After thinking about it i'll just use Linux orBSD. Runs faster then tiger with my system configuration. I've done this in the past a few times with some clients so it will be easy to do.

Right now I have them setup in my garage and slowly working on them. Then i'll just set them up at work next week.

Rackmount cases cost way too much so i'll just use a metal shelf that has three levels. The frist two shelfs will have the Cubes and the top shelf will have my securty PC with a 21inch Dell CRT monitor for my securty cameras and i'll have a small 10inch touch screen LCD on my desk with a wireless keyboard. It will be nince when it is finished.

Maybe in the furture i'll switched to Mac OS X for my cluster.

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Re:13 cube systems idea - 09/16/05 08:17 AM


I just want to let you know...

I hate you.

And yes, I am jealous.


You're better then me. I would keep a few of them, then sell the rest on--say it with me now--EBAY!

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Re:13 cube systems idea - 09/16/05 08:37 AM

I already got a buyer for the rest of the parts i didn't use for 700 bucks.

5 logicboards
5 cases
4 airports

Now if you get in the computer business you will get a ton of computers as scrap that can come in handy.

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Re:13 cube systems idea - 09/20/05 03:30 PM

Well my 13 node cube cluster is complete. I'm done modding for a while. I need to fix some of my systems like my iBook HD problem and reinstall Evox on my xbox.
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Re:13 cube systems idea - 09/20/05 04:31 PM

what do you plan to use it for? oh and can we get a few pics so it can be featured on the home page?!

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Re:13 cube systems idea - 09/20/05 04:38 PM

It's used for my company called Gothicware Systems. A small simple computer repair company.
The cluster will be used to run my HTTPd, FTP and email and used for other things like invertory, bills, invoices, etc etc etc...

I tryed taking a picture of it but it came out all crappy due to too much iterferince. Sometime i'll buy a one time use 35mm camera and take pics of it and get them put on a photo CD.
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Re:13 cube systems idea - 09/20/05 07:25 PM

cool...I'm pretty sure you have the only powermac cube grid