Nvidia 6800 on a Quicksilver

Posted by: Gael67

Nvidia 6800 on a Quicksilver - 08/02/05 02:40 PM

Hi Guys, A friend just gave me his nvidia 6800 from his G5. He said there might be a voltage mod I'd have to make, but I can't find anything on it. Does anyone know if I can use this graphics card on my Quicksilver G4 733Mhz? I tried installing the nvidia drivers but the install disk wouldn't allow it. "Can't install on this model Mac".

Anyone have thoughts?
Posted by: maestro

Re:Nvidia 6800 on a Quicksilver - 08/02/05 03:11 PM

Well that card is designed for a 8xpro agp slot. You need to first tape over the correct pin
to convince you mac that it is a 4x. Also, that card take a TON of juice to operate. If you have
extras like lights, fans, or hds, you may find yourself with not enough juice to run it. Good luck, I would love to see one of these run in an older mac. One other thing. You wont get
the same performance because of that 4x bottleneck. Keep us posted, I wanna see this thing
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:Nvidia 6800 on a Quicksilver - 08/02/05 05:33 PM

The PC version of the card can be used in 4x and 8x AGP. It should work, ofcorse this is a Apple were talking about here so things are diffrent. I'll try and find some info for you on this.