G3 Blue and White Modem Spec

Posted by: burtman

G3 Blue and White Modem Spec - 06/29/05 02:08 PM

Any body know a good place to look up the exact spec and model of the modems used in the Blue and White G3s? I've googled without much luck. Everywhere I've looked just lists it as "internal 56k modem"

I'm currently building mine into an Asterisk PBX server and thiers a project in progress on astmasters.net which will allow "internal Motorola modem found in recent Macs" to be used as an FXO interface (basically connect up to the telphone line and allow extentions to use it to route calls to the local PSTN). I'd take my G3 apart and look but its buried under a pile of other computers at the moment, as I'm in mid house move and if i rember correctly the modem itself is encased in a metal box anyway.
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Re:G3 Blue and White Modem Spec - 06/29/05 03:05 PM

Depends exactly how "recent" they mean.....

There are at two modems used in fairly recent Macs. They look almost identical, but one has a longer connector than the other. I think I'm right in saying the shorter connector one is the more recent of the two.
This is from memory, so it may be wrong, but I think the B&W used the same modem as the Lombard and Pismo PowerBooks, possibly the Wallstreet (maybe even Kanga, no idea) and the early G4 PowerMacs. I cannot tell you exactly when the changover from long connector to short ocurred, but I'm pretty sure the MDD uses the short one. And probably the QS too. Maybe even some of the G5s. Modem speeds haven't really changed very recently for dial-up, so why bother changing the design? (They really ought to offer internal DSL as least as an optional replacement for the 56k modem in new Macs. And AP basestations too. But I digress....)

Hope this is vaguely helpful.......
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Re:G3 Blue and White Modem Spec - 06/29/05 03:40 PM

cheers for that, sounds like the driver might be worth a try, once they have the kernal panics ironed out anyway!
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Re:G3 Blue and White Modem Spec - 06/29/05 09:50 PM

back when the B&W was new and for a few years before that apple used a lot of global village modems. I imagine thats what it is.

sorry my info is so vague smile
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Re:G3 Blue and White Modem Spec - 07/02/05 12:47 PM

ASP reports the modem model in my Lombard as "Spring".
On my MDD (FW800), it reports it as "Dash2".

So I guess those are the two kinds I was referring to. I would guess that the B&W will use the 'Spring' modem. Don't quote me, but I think its the one with the longer connector. The longer connector is about an inch long, the shorter one is more like a centimetre long.

Again, I hope I'm approaching something in the region of useful information here....
Posted by: MikeMan

Re:G3 Blue and White Modem Spec - 07/02/05 06:35 PM

the orginal imac had the same modem as the b/w just a different connectioe, i have one in bits so ill look at the telepermit

The telepermit says

This Apple Model U01.002.C.00
Modem may be connected to
the Telecom Network

if thats any help it is....