my dilemma

Posted by: dead13

my dilemma - 06/27/05 11:07 PM

ok here is my problem: i have a g3 b&w case already modded its just a case and power supply i want to put a g4 in this preferably a 700mhz or the question i pose is what logic boards will fit in this case and be able to keep the current connections i have inside the case e.g. the power switch reset button and so on.
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Re:my dilemma - 06/28/05 05:50 AM

I am thinking of doing the same thing. The Graphite towers are very similar in design to the B&W. AGP graphics, Gigabit ethernet or the best is digital audio (4th PCI slot, 133 mhz bus and AGP 4x) The power supply is different and so is the port layout in back. I would also guess that the motherboard mounts will not match. I really want to do this hack too, If the power supply fits thats half the battle. I think maybe swapping the entire side door would insure the Ports and mounts all line up. Its cheaper to replace the logic board ($100 or so) and then buy the 1 ghz g4 upgrade ($180) than to buy that crappy Sonnet zif for $350.
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Re:my dilemma - 06/28/05 09:29 AM

How about mounting the power supply outside of the case. Apple's 20th anniv mac had it mounted inside the Bose subwoofer.
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Re:my dilemma - 06/28/05 09:31 AM

Anybody out there have a AGP/Digi Audio model who can measure the logic board? I regret selling mine frown .
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Re:my dilemma - 06/29/05 03:18 PM

DA is approximately 24cm x 30cm
AGP is approximately 25cm x 30cm
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Re:my dilemma - 06/30/05 09:53 AM

i'm not really worried about the size the main thing is the connections on the motherboard from the power switch reset button are they different or the same on the boards and the power supply will it work on newer boards?
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Re:my dilemma - 06/30/05 10:17 AM

Power supply is definitely different. You will need the correct power supply as well as the motherboard (or at least the ability to mod a powersupply, don't know much about that but some people have tried this route) As far as the power/reset button connections, they should be the same, I would think.
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Re:my dilemma - 06/30/05 02:25 PM

Everything from the B&W to the Digital Audio has the same two buttons (in addition to power) on the front of the tower. So these are probably the same. Quicksilver only has one, and MDD has none. These are therefore most likely different.

If you want details of the various PSUs, this site has all pinouts, including an ATX, so you can see what you have to mod.....
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Re:my dilemma - 06/30/05 07:12 PM

the digital audio board WILL NOT fit in a B&W case. a sawtooth board is your best bet. gigabit ethernet models used a higher watt power supply. a sawtooth, yikes or another B&W board will all work for sure.
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Re:my dilemma - 06/30/05 09:57 PM

so the digital audio won't fit at all i am willing to buy a new power supply but i found a really good deal on a d/a board and a 733 mhz processor and i want to buy it.i am more than willing to change out power supplies if that is the only problem
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Re:my dilemma - 06/30/05 09:58 PM

even better will a 867 mhz g4 fit on a sawtooth board?
Posted by: zenstate

Re:my dilemma - 06/30/05 10:06 PM

the digital audio was a revampped board and has an extra pci slot so it will not fit in a B&W case. period. you could use a gigabit ethernet board but would need the power supply that came with them.

you seem to be hell bent on buying a board that just won't run or even install properly. your call but don't cry to me when all goes to hell. smile

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Re:my dilemma - 06/30/05 10:26 PM

actually i'm just trying to put together the fastest g4 for the cheapest investment i can so i can get a used 867 mhz processor out of a quicksilver for real cheap but will it run in a sawtooth board ? and one other question on a sawtooth board what is the white port right behind the pci slots there are two one is ide is the other scsi?
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Re:my dilemma - 06/30/05 10:39 PM

a quicksilver cpu will work on a sawtooth board. from the sawtooth through to the quicksilver the same connection (forget waht its called) was used. this is re-enforced by the fact that all the cpu upgrades for these G4 models work in all 4 of the revisions.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:my dilemma - 07/02/05 12:56 PM

If you have any of the inner case panels to go with the new board, you might have more choice in what you can fit into your B&W case by swapping some of those too.

As for the connections on the sawtooth board, if you mean that short white connector between the PCI slots and the Airport card socket, its for an internal dial-up modem board. The last powermac with on board SCSI was the Beige G3 to the best of my knowledge. All subsequent ones with SCSI drives were shipped with Adaptec SCSI cards in.

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