Dual Monitor Question with iTunes

Posted by: ubergeek89

Dual Monitor Question with iTunes - 06/18/05 03:31 PM

Alright-here's the deal. I have a gig as a DJ at a wedding reception this coming weekend, and I do not own any DJ lighting. I cannhowever get my hands on a projector. I would like to know if it is possible to Have iTunes visualizations displayed on the projector, and still have the usual screen on my other monitor. I can't really test this right now, so it would be great if I could get some help on this one. Thanks in advance for input

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Re:Dual Monitor Question with iTunes - 06/18/05 07:22 PM

I don't know how. I recently hooked up an external monitor to my Pismo, so I messed around to see... is it possible to have your visualizations in a seperate window? 'cause if it is, I can't figure out how. That would be (I would imagine) an important first step towards doing this.
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Re:Dual Monitor Question with iTunes - 06/19/05 10:49 AM

OK, as for the dual monitor visualization with iTunes. I have 2 monitors and have yet to get it to work that way. I havent dug too deep into the possibility, I kind of accepted it on the surface. But, there is no setting that will allow this.

As for the visualization on a projector. I don't see why it wouldn't work. A projector simply acts as another monitor. Just make sure that you mirror it, not extend.

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Posted by: Jias

Re:Dual Monitor Question with iTunes - 06/19/05 02:22 PM

Sure, but then he loses his interface with iTunes, which was one of his big needs.
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Re:Dual Monitor Question with iTunes - 06/19/05 05:21 PM

Other option, you run the itunes visualisations full screen, loose built in ituens controls, use somthing else to control ituens. salling clicker lets you control itunes through a bluetooth mobel phone, sony erriconons work the best, or a symbian based smart phone (nokia series 60, sony erricons p800,p900,p910). That way you can control it from the dance floor if you feel the need. Or you coulde run some sort of remote software for itunes to control it while its in full screen mode on the other screen.
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Re:Dual Monitor Question with iTunes - 06/19/05 08:22 PM

First of all, my G4 does not have bluetooth, granted, I can easily borrow a usb dongle from work, bu then, I don't have a bluetooth phone. I DO however have one of those airport express keyspan remotes, which can be hooked directly to my G4 to contorl iTunes. Heres the thing- I would not want to mirror the displays. I want visualizations to appear ONLY on the projector, for I will be mixing music from my collection with mix cds that the groom at this reception wants me to play, so I must be able to mix and mesh tracks together on the fly, and I can't do that with any kind of remote device. I think I'll just dig a secont monitor out of my personal stock and ry it out myself. I'll report later on my results.
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Re:Dual Monitor Question with iTunes - 06/19/05 08:37 PM

You can run full screen visualizer on one screen and run other programs on another. I know that
doesn't solve you proble though. What would is to run two computers. Run the visualizer on one
hooked to the projector and the other to control the tunes. I know that seems lame, but in the
end that is what you will probably need to do.
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Re:Dual Monitor Question with iTunes - 06/19/05 10:25 PM

maestro, how would he sync up the beat to the visualizations at that point?

Have a look at this, with some simple networking you could use the visualizations on the projector and then this on the laptop...


but, I don't know, it may not show the itunes controls. It may show the visualizations somehow, or give a "itunes is in visualization mode" message. Let us know.

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Re:Dual Monitor Question with iTunes - 06/19/05 10:40 PM

I'm liking that netTunes, but I have no money (all of it's being put into paying off my car). I'm sorry to say, but I think we have a bust here, and I'll just stick with my cheap-o $5 spencers strobe lights. A huge thanks to everyone for all the research and time you guys put into this, Thats why I like the macmod community over some others-people are always willing to help. Thanks again!
Posted by: mark

Re:Dual Monitor Question with iTunes - 06/20/05 01:36 AM

The iTunes visualizer is based on a visualizer called G-Force which is put out by soundspectrum.com. It used to be that it was available as a free standalone application as well as a plug in for popular MP3 players (it goes back to the days of SoundJam)

Its still available as a free plug in for most MP3 players, but the standalone functionality in G-force is something you need to pay for ($30). However WhiteCap (wire frame visualizer based on the same engine) is still completely free and still comes bundled with a stand alone version.

While I forget if it was possible with the earlier versions (which may still be out there) I know its possible to run the current stand alone versions (whitecap's at least) full screen on a one monitor and still be able to use a second screen to do whatever.

I was having some problems routing audio, but I'm on an odd setup.