2 g3 ppcs

Posted by: boredblind

2 g3 ppcs - 06/08/05 08:37 PM

ok i am going to get 2 g3 ppcs for free and have decided to mod atleast one of them or maybe combine the two. would it be possible to create a DUAL PROCESSOR G3 out of the two im getting also i have an old ibook g3 that is dead could i use its monitor for the ppc.
Posted by: ubergeek89

Re:2 g3 ppcs - 06/08/05 09:42 PM

The LCD screen maybe- However I am sorry I will have to give you a definite no on the dual processor g3. There is a few overclocking tutorials for it out there, and You could paint the case.
Posted by: maestro

Re:2 g3 ppcs - 06/09/05 08:41 AM

Two free Macs! Sweet. You can't physically make a dual g3, but you can connect the
Macs to make them work together. That takes some specialized software and a switch.
There is really no reason to unless you want it used for server or render duty. Mod them
both! Why not, they are free and are still viable computers. You can check out my articles for some hardware upgrade tips.

I forgot to say the LCD is possible, but difficut and not really worth it anyway.

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Posted by: boredblind

Re:2 g3 ppcs - 06/09/05 06:23 PM

ok i think i will just mod them both. thanks for the advice.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:2 g3 ppcs - 06/09/05 08:09 PM

or, you could try xgrid. I would love to see someone put something like this together in a sweet mod.

Posted by: griffer

Re:2 g3 ppcs - 06/10/05 05:01 AM

Yea a mini x-grid would be cool (just for fun anyway). But doesen't it need special written applications? Or have i misunderstood something?
Posted by: boredblind

Re:2 g3 ppcs - 06/10/05 09:49 AM

that looks interesting. if you dont need to write your own software for it i mighht possibly do it because i only know a little BASIC and c/c++.

would be a good game server/machine too.