Hard Drive Quandary

Posted by: maclover1986

Hard Drive Quandary - 05/04/05 06:32 PM

Hey Guys,

Here is my situation:

I will be upgrading to a Strawberry iMac 333 some time within the next month. I have files on my old Performa 6360 that I'd like to keep, like abandonware games, MP3s, all of my apps, etc. The Performa also has an Ethernet controller. However, I do not have a monitor for it, which knd of makes it harder to network the two machines, and I also do not wish to rip the iMac apart just to momentarily install the other hard drive. How should I transfer files other than purchasing the Disc Jockey hard disk backup/RAID tool?

I also came up with an idea:
Maybe I should swap the two hard drives, and leave the hard drive with the least amount of gigs in the Performa...

Basically, what I want to do to prepare the Performa for donation is put the original 8x CD-ROM back in, remove my 64 meg RAM module, the L2 cache...

To make a long story short, I want to donate the Performa exactly as it was the day we purchased it in 1996. Stripped it to the original specs, with the exception of Mac OS 8.6 being on the hard drive, or at least System 7.5.x.

If anyone can help me with my quandary, let me know.


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Posted by: maestro

Re:Hard Drive Quandary - 05/04/05 08:10 PM

Hmm. Quite a quanderey you are in. The only way to get in is through file sharing. If it is
alreay turned on you are in luck. Just turn on both Macs and connect through your iMac. Now
if it is not you may have a problemo. Try and borrow a monitor or as a last resort, put one on
your credit card, use it and then return it. :P
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Re:Hard Drive Quandary - 05/04/05 08:21 PM

First of all, The hard drive in your performa uses an interface known as SCSI . The iMac you will be getting uses IDE, because of this, you will not be able to swap the drives. Also the iMac most likely has a 6 gig drive. Not to mention the performa uses apples achient monitor interface, which was dropped with the introduction of the Blue and White G3 I beleive. If you already have file sharing enabled on your performa, you can just connect both to a hub and connect to it that way, long as you don't mind running your mac headless. You might as well leave the ram and optical drive in the performa, because the optical drive also uses the same SCSI interface as the HD. The RAM is either 72 pin ram, which makes a good keychain by todays standards, or PC66 168 pin RAM Which is pretty much useless, unless you have an old PC. But, If file sharing fits the bill your not totally screwed.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Hard Drive Quandary - 05/04/05 10:36 PM

ubergeek89 wrote:
First of all, The hard drive in your performa uses an interface known as SCSI .

It had a SCSI optical, though the HDD was in fact IDE. As for the display, a $2 adaptor will fix that, and if you can't find one, you can make an adaptor to VGA. It was a good machine, a 160mhz 603e processor I believe. The easiest method aside from shelling out for an external USB case is, like ubergeek suggested, is file sharing. I would setup the iMac to get all of the files off of the 6360 using AppleTalk.

Also to note, I would leave the smaller drive in the 6360 because it will not be capable of running much and for that machine 1gb is quite large. Be a bit generous and leave 32mb of RAM so OS 9.1 can be installed.

I'm glad your donating the machine since you do not have any other uses for it now.

Why I edited :: "The easiest method aside from shelling out for an external SCSI case is.." was put in; meant to say USB. I had a flashback to taking apart machines and using a super old SCSI external while writing. Sorry about any confusion.

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Posted by: burtman

Re:Hard Drive Quandary - 05/05/05 07:39 AM

If i recall correctly the perfoma didn't have ethernet as standard so file sharing would be diffcult without an ehternet to localtalk bridges, I'd say your best bet is to buy the cheapest USB hard disc caddy from ebay, wip the ide disk out the performa put it into the enclousue, plug it into your new mac, mount the drive, copy you stuff off it then bung it back into the performa. If they had the same case design as the 6200 (i think they did) then the hard disc is only few screws away once you get the front facia off. As for reinstalling the perfoma without a monitor, well I'm afraid that ones a bit more difficult!
Posted by: macDeviant

Re:Hard Drive Quandary - 05/06/05 10:28 AM

well so long as the hard drive is in the usb enclosure i'm sure there would be no problem installing just the the stock OS, beit 8.5 or 7.x. you may have to reboot your imac in 9.1 (or 9.2.2 should work) and you should be able to jsut install the old OS to the performa drive from your imac

so the usb enclosure might be your best bet