Beige G3 MT modding?

Posted by: Surfadelic

Beige G3 MT modding? - 03/30/05 07:08 PM

Anybody got some suggestions on what I might do, here? I'm thinking that front panel USB might be doable, since my Sonnet Tango USB 2.0/FireWire combo card has an internal USB I guess the front panel USB ports would be more like a hub, I s'ppose, but it's a start toward modding the MT. smile

Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Beige G3 MT modding? - 03/30/05 07:18 PM

yea, find a really compact one and integrate it into the front of the case, that would be nice. I would find one that could be mounted in the case without having to add any cosmetic mods. IE. one that is flat and a similar color. Or you could always pain it, but I would go with a flat one.
Posted by: maestro

Re:Beige G3 MT modding? - 03/30/05 08:29 PM

I actually did that on my wife's B/W. I used the zip plate for practice as you can see in the
pic, but I'm waiting on a flat panel to replace it.