iMac Rev. A

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iMac Rev. A - 03/10/05 02:07 PM


I'm going to get my hands on one of the classic iMac Rev. A's. it's a bit cracked up, coz an elementary school used it , so the CD drive doesn't work.

Does anybody know what I could do with it? I'm a relatively new modder, so all I need is something to help me out on my first solo prject (on which I have no idea what to do, yes, I know...).

I have a CD Burner from my old PC, will installing that work? I dunno, just any ideas would be really helpful, especially if they are not very expensive.


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Re:iMac Rev. A - 03/10/05 10:26 PM

Well, there are a lot of options open to you. You need to break down what your wants are, or your needs.


With modding, there are many approaches that can be taken. One of which is the basic colour of the machine, the paint. Painting a machine will give it something that stands apart from the rest, an individual.

The shape of the machine can change as well. Let it be to conform to an idea, like making a marshmallow, or making it look like someones face on the other side, these things can be changed. Molding, sanding, and filler can be used to give your machine a new shape.

What you want your machine to perform is important. The machine may already do everything you need it to, but it may lack something. Lets say, for example, you need a CD burner but the machine never shipped with one. You may have to source a CD burner, or find a hack to fit an aftermarket burner into your machine. It could be processor power, or even something like a LCD that flashes the temperature on the front of the machine. What and how you want the machine to function should be taken into consideration.

Unfortunatly, to answer your question about the CD burner, we would have to know if it came out of a tower or a laptop to answer the question properly, as some drives can and some drives cannot work with the iMac. The iMac's optical drive is a standard laptop optical drive with Apple branding which means it can boot Apple media. Some third party drives can be Apple bootable. As for how it would work, the Apple CD drive that is already in the machine has a card on it that takes the CD-ROM's standard interface and makes it into a pseudo IDE interface. You would take another optical drive and put it into this adaptor and it should work, though I cannot make that promise. I'd try it now, but my iMac is in shambles from countless take aparts and a somewhat failed mod attempt, but what I DID was take my DVD drive from my WinTel laptop and took the adaptor off the iMac's CD-ROM. It fit, if that says anything.

If you have any more questions post 'em!