Video card weirdness

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Video card weirdness - 02/15/05 08:10 PM

Maybe someone can help me out here

OK so bare with me for a second as this is a little complicated to explain. I ahve a dual 800 quicksilver, the video card it came with was a geForce 2 Twinview, the card has never really given me any problems until now. And I hope someone can help me with it.

I ahve two displays an oldschool super heavy 21" CRT and a brand new 23" cinema LCD display. I also have three seperate start up drives on my computer, 1 is od 9.2.2 one is 10.2.8 and the one that I'm on the most is 10.3.8 when I start up my compuyter in 10.3.8 I get these funky dancing lines on the left side of my 23" cinema display, they are white and seem to appear more when there is a window open. they only go about a cm in but they're annoying as heck. OK so that's weird... now.

If I start up in 10.2.8 there are no lines, everythign looks prestine and beautiful, AND when I start up in 10.3.8 from 10.2.8 (change start up disk, restart) the lines are gone, but if I just start the computer up from 10.3.8 I get the lines again. Can anyone help me with this so that I don't have to boot my computer 2 times in order to avoid strange dancing white lines?


I suppose if no one can help I'll get an ati9800 but to be honest I baught an 8500 and it had worse issues then the nvidia card
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Re:Video card weirdness - 02/15/05 09:09 PM

Sorry to here about your problem. I also run dual monitors, but with CRTs and an ATI 9000 pro.
I have heard of people having problems with ATI cards though. I think I know your problem though. Your new monitor needs a good card, especially cause you have two. I suggest that you go with a Radeon 9800 pro, like you said. This will push your pixels just fine and should solve the problem. The thing is that 10.3.8 runs more performance from your card and the cards you have tried I am guessing can't handle such a large LCD and a large CRT. Go for it, you can get the resolution and stability you need. Props to dual monitors-read my up coming article to them! :cheer:

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Re:Video card weirdness - 02/16/05 12:28 AM

Will do!, I kinda was afraid about that whole dual monitor support thing, I just thought it was weird that it worked when rebooted from 10.2.8 oh well...
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Re:Video card weirdness - 02/16/05 02:00 AM

honestly I would try a fresh install. It seems quite quirky to me that it would work from 10.2.8 to 10.3.8. That doesn't make much sense. What about updating your firmware? have you tried that? Try messing around with the resolutions a little and the hertz for the heck of it. It seems kinda quirky and maybe something strange like that will solve your problems. I wouldn't go out and purchase a new graphics card just yet.

But then again, that may be the solution. At least try all the other things first, thats all I am saying. wink