video card flashing.

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video card flashing. - 01/08/05 08:54 AM

i wondering if it is posible on a mac to flash a video card to a higher version. or flash a pc video card with mac bios and make it run in a mac.

are there 3rd party drivers for video cards.
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Re:video card flashing. - 01/08/05 09:21 AM

I do believe that it is possible. I have never had the desire to do it myself, but, here are some links that you may find useful...,com_simpleboard/Itemid,/func,view/catid,23/id,2439/#2439

Series of Flashing Instructions:
Radeon 7000 - 9100 AGP
Radeon 9200
Radeon 9800
Geforce 2, 3, and FX

Good luck. Would love to see a mod guide made for this and posted on macmod.

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Re:video card flashing. - 01/08/05 10:51 AM

see i'm what you call code illeterait. i need someone to show me step by step.
what i need is a video card that has an dvi and apples little monitor type (the name escapes me now) cuz i got one of thoes new 23inc monitors and my gforce 4 ti is close to not cutting it anymore.
is it posible to put an ultra on it.
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Re:video card flashing. - 01/08/05 12:29 PM

you are talking about ADC. The latter links listed above are step by step instructions for flashing your video card.

What computer do you have, and what are the specs? You are just trying to get a video card with DVI and ADC onto your current system so that you can use a 23" Apple Display, correct?
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Re:video card flashing. - 01/08/05 01:25 PM

everone seems to get confused when i say this. the new monitors use a dvi port, and the old one's have a adc port. thoes are what i have. yes i am looking for a video card that has thoes ports so i can run my 2 monitors better.

i am using a dual g4 1.25 (not modified), with 2gb ddr sdram pc2600 ram, a nvidia gforce 4 ti 4600.
the reason i am looking towards flashing is that the card i have is almost the best one i can get for a g4 with the ports i need. (or at least i think)
this was just an option i was exploring.

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Re:video card flashing. - 01/08/05 02:23 PM

I use to have that exact system, great computer... wink

I am currently running 2 DVI monitors that are 1600x1200 a pop. I am running the ATI Radeon 9600 (I am pretty sure). It has one ADC port and one DVI port. The DVI port in the back of the system is DVI-I (meaning that it carries both an analog and digital signal). The new Apple displays should be DVI-D displays, therefore it is possible that they will work with any ADC to DVI converter. However, I experienced problems with all of the converters except for the DVI Extractor II by Dr. Bott.

So, if I am not mistaken the Video card that is in your computer has one ADC and one DVI port, correct? If this is the case, you should be able to just purchase the DVI Extractor II, run that from the ADC port to one of the LCDs. Then, just run the other one directly to the DVI port in the back of your video card as it is.

I hope this helps. Did I understand you correctly? :huh:
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Re:video card flashing. - 01/08/05 10:27 PM

Okay, the g4ti is a pretty good card. I would either overclock it or buy a 9800.I dont think you can flash that one with a higher version. But with some ram heatsinks and a larger gpu heatsink, you could overclock for better performance. Are you a gamer, if not I wouldn't bother getting a new card.

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Re:video card flashing. - 01/09/05 04:01 AM

yea i'm a gamer.
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Re:video card flashing. - 01/09/05 09:22 PM

If you are a gamer, you need to stay on top of the video changes. Go with a 9800 pro and over clock to an xt. With ATIccelator II and some heatsinks as I said before will let you do that. The nice thing is that the price just dropped to 250 bucks. Buy the mac one and you won't need to bother with flashing because it doesn't save that much money anymore. Get it and you will be ready for Doom 3, as long as they decide to make it compatible with the g4. You may need to overclock you cpus though. Check out for some really good instrucions for that. As I will say in my MDD mod guide, the hard drives are the bottle necks here. Set up a RAID 0 for some serious speed. Hope you can use some of this info.
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Re:video card flashing. - 01/21/05 06:36 AM

I gave in a got a 9800.
what do you sugest for heat sinks.
and where can i find atiaccelerator.
i have a graphics card for sale if any one needs one.
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Re:video card flashing. - 01/21/05 10:12 PM

Google aticcelerator. As for heat sinks, check out my forum post for sinks that fit in the MDD G4. I am interested in your card. How much? Go with copper RAM sinks and the copper fan gpu heatsink.

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Re:video card flashing. - 01/22/05 02:00 AM

i don't know maybe 75 or so. i'm willing to haggle.. i've never sold anypart of my computer before, i usually leave it laying around collecting dust.
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Re:video card flashing. - 01/22/05 02:32 AM

its a gF4 ti right, I am interested check for my email under contact us on the right. My name is Jason Schrader.