What'd you mod this year?

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What'd you mod this year? - 01/05/05 01:13 PM

So, there's an article up on the main page, asking us to vote for who deserves the props for "Mod of The Year."

So, I've been pondering it all day. And I figure that in a way, we all kinda deserve the points. Anyone who got up the moxie to cut, paint, build, damage, or mess with a computer this year, and walked away with something to show for it (even a huge mess) deserves some credit. Those who step outside the box, see the box for what it is. (6 sides that need neon and paint?)

Anyway, the whole line of thought got me thinking about what I've modded this year. So, I pulled some photos and put them up. I figure that it might be fun for us all to share what we've done, regardless of contests and all. If for nothing else than to see everyone elses stuff, and to say, "dude, thats awesome!"

Since I'm the one starting the thread, I'll also go first wink

head on over to


And check out what I've done. All comments, and I do mean all, are welcome!
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Re:What'd you mod this year? - 01/05/05 01:35 PM

wow, lots of great mods there. I think there are a couple that didn't quite make it to macmod. Want to add them? :unsure:
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Re:What'd you mod this year? - 01/05/05 08:59 PM

You must be pretty busy. I like the metallic paints. Now if I had so many computers to mod.
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Re:What'd you mod this year? - 01/05/05 09:40 PM

My signature is always a way to tell what I have modded, and the current progress.
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Re:What\'d you mod this year? - 01/05/05 11:26 PM

I really like "monitor kitty". I was going to do a macquarium with my 21 inch Studio Monitor that was broken, but then it decided to start working again. So I guess I'm not going to destroy a perfectly good monitor. frown

PS How can you ever tell the diff between keiko and sasha?

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Re:What'd you mod this year? - 01/05/05 11:30 PM


Yeah, I might just do that. Need to write up about them though smile


Man, I wish they were all mine. The worst part about my job is that I get to play with all this awesome stuff, and the customer's end up taking it home.


Yeah, the kitty monitor is a fav. People come over and stare at it until they suddenly "get it." My feline masters however, were instantly aware of its purpose, and love it.
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Re:What'd you mod this year? - 08/05/05 07:30 PM

All the mods I have completed this year.

Added a car cig lighter to my PC (simple mod)
Modifyed a car CD player to work on my PC (just for music not as a driveand no software contoled)
modded my Xbox to hell and back.

Currently adding a slot-load DVD to my Tray-load iMac.
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Re:What'd you mod this year? - 08/06/05 12:01 AM

hmm let's see here:

1984 pro mouse

bought a g4 cube and added a 2.5in 60 gig drive, laptop combo drive, wireless card from a graphite airport basestation, painted the inside metal case, then tried to cut a hole in it and ended up taking it off. the rest is secret for the contest wink

bought a g5 style 20in and built a stand for it to fit into my bookcase.

put a window in my thumb drive.

bought a cheap wireless mouse and painted it to match my pro keyboard and g4 cube

hmmm what else have i done :woohoo:
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Re:What'd you mod this year? - 08/11/05 01:17 AM

is it just me
or is that url just not working?
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Re:What'd you mod this year? - 08/11/05 07:48 AM

The page, since this thread was initially created, has been removed. modyourmac did a site overhaul and it probably got caught in the flames of progress.
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Re:What'd you mod this year? - 08/11/05 07:54 AM

Hey guys, Whitlock is exactly. right. This thread was created a while back. Since then, my site went through an entire rebuild from the ground up. So certain links that were floated around have perished. However, I'm not one to leave people hanging.


Click the above, and then click any of the links on the left in order to see my stuffs.
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Re:What'd you mod this year? - 08/11/05 09:22 AM

I modded my mdd with more cooling and lighting. Painted my g3 case. Built the iServer, which isnt done yet. Gonna put my mdd in a g5 case. Modded 2 dvd players.
Modded an Apple pro mouse, Palm, other stuff with paint jobs.
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Re:What\'d you mod this year? - 09/18/05 09:04 AM

Modded a whole lot of kids toys, mainly trucks and cars but also tickle me elmo's, talking books and among other things my constantly slowly evolving QS G4.

Now when we go out looking for bargains my little guy (now 2 and a half) finds something he likes and holds it up and says "Dad Fix!" you gotta love that.

BTW HOW do I Mod a "Tickle me Elmo/Cookie Monster" to do the dishes and get me a beer?


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