Desperate help

Posted by: soundman

Desperate help - 12/03/04 01:20 AM

Ok I was wondering if you guys would be able to help me,
I have acquired a power PC G3 I mac jobby. And am currently running Mac OS 8 and i believe it is capable of running OS X, I am also just be given responsebility over 4 other G3 imacs

Is there also a list of useful start up short cuts to get in to bios etc

Cheers, I'm sorry i have not be given the chance to get to grips with macs until recently so need help in doing so, with more advanced functions
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Desperate help - 12/03/04 04:14 AM

what do you need to access the bios for? I don't think that there is a mac bios, but I could be wrong here. I have never had the need. Are you just trying to install os x on these machines? What are the specs?
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Re:Desperate help - 12/03/04 05:16 AM

the G3 iMacs... if they're running 8, or even 9... there is probably a firmware update availible you need to use before considering OS X without major problems.
You can find the firmware updates and information on it

Please read up at least on the model you have so I can provide further help.
Posted by: ubergeek89

Re:Desperate help - 12/03/04 09:19 AM

For starters- Yes there is a mac bios. The user end is known as Open Firmware which can be accessed at startup by hold command, option, o, f till you see it on screen. BEWARE-like the programmers button on these machines, do not use it unless you either know exactly what to do, or have a cheat sheet in front of you with commands and info on what they do. Second of all. All G3 iMacs are capable of running OS X. The only thing is that you do the firmware update that is available on apples support site BEFORE installing OS X. I made the mistake of forgetting that at one point and nearly killed the iMac. If you have already made that mistake I have a forum thread on here wher I described in detail how to fix this (can be found at,com_simpleboard/Itemid,29/func,view/id,2013/catid,19/ ) . Finally ...RAM. To Run OS X 128mb of RAM is required. On machines like that I reccommend at least 256, because other wise, it will be slow as crap on anything below and iMac DV 400mhtz, which by the way you can get away with 192mbs of RAM on but even that will be al little slow. Thats about it I hope you find this info useful.

PS. If you have a drive larger than 7.9 gigs, the first partition (which you MUST install you OS on) must be 7.9gigs or smaller for it to boot.
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Re:Desperate help - 12/04/04 03:04 AM

Cheers for the help,
Posted by: KnifeLord

Re:Desperate help - 12/05/04 08:28 AM

128 nothing.... I have 64 on my iMac G3 and I'm running 10.1, slow as hell, but its still running! lol anyway, i forgot the firmware update, and it still works... all I really use it for is a cd drive for my radio anyway... and os 8/9 suck for music...