iMac Take Apart

Posted by: whitlock

iMac Take Apart - 09/16/04 08:57 PM

Here is a link for a take apart for an iMac G5:
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Re:iMac Take Apart - 09/16/04 09:34 PM

I love the japanese. It seems like the word "Warranty" means nothing to them sometimes. Luckily, if I take it apart and put it back together it's still in warranty. wink
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Re:iMac Take Apart - 09/16/04 10:32 PM

Thats awesome Whitlock, they didn't spare a second on disassembling that thing! Thats hillarious.
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Re:iMac Take Apart - 09/23/04 08:34 PM

Here is a newer link for the take apart pics:

I started to laugh when I saw these articles on Slashdot and Apple-X news websites. They made the same comments we did here. B)

Why I edited: I forgot the smiley wink

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Re:iMac Take Apart - 09/23/04 11:01 PM

THanks for posting that link. I saw that and was just about to do the same :P. Kodawarisan is awesome...they do a great job documenting that kind of stuff