B+W G3s and Modems

Posted by: MarMightyGood

B+W G3s and Modems - 08/09/04 11:44 AM

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has tried to put a PCI card modem in to any kind of mac (but specifically the B+W G3). It seems that buying a new USB modem (thats mac compatible) would cost almost as much as the machine is worth...

Unfortunately most USB and PCI card modems are PC only.

cheers for any advice,
Posted by: krusher117

Re:B+W G3s and Modems - 08/10/04 12:56 AM

wow that's quite a predicament. I looked all over and found nothing! I couldn't believe it. Ur right that mac compat usb modems are not worth it. You can easily find pci pc modems for next to nothing (or free after rebate). Maybe you could just win a rev D imac with a modem included? :rolleyes: I'm going to keep looking though...this is peaked my interest. I guess there's no money to be made in modems anymore so nobody makes em. BTW, didn't USR and GV both go out of biz?
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Re:B+W G3s and Modems - 08/10/04 12:58 AM

What OS are you running?
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Re:B+W G3s and Modems - 08/10/04 01:16 AM

Zoom and Global Village are the same company now and apparantly make one of the only modems that are mac compatible and have usb. They are the cheapest at $100

There has to be a hack out there for a PCI modem tho. Most companies use Rockwell or Lucent/Agere chipsets so it shouldn't be that difficult. :dry:
Posted by: whitlock

Re:B+W G3s and Modems - 08/10/04 04:48 AM

i've seen em' cheaper. you can try this jaton one for $20, but i cannot guarantee performance.

Posted by: whitlock

Re:B+W G3s and Modems - 08/10/04 10:46 AM

Because I am such a nice guy, in my free time I found a 3Com US Robotcs 56k Modem also, that is supposedly Mac as well. Now, with this option, I'd go with this as opposed to the Jaton I popped up previously. The US Robotics modems are known to work a lot more longer than most Jaton products ever do. Also you will have the option to put in INIT strings. That will allow you to drop it from Flex, to V.92 or V.90 specifics. If you have no clue what the heck I just said, you can ignore it, and leave it as 'way better modem'. Atleast it's not a Conexant wink
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Re:B+W G3s and Modems - 08/10/04 04:47 PM

Thanks for all thoose solutions smile

I found another way of doing it tho...Picked up an old graphite AP base station that, networked to the B+W will serve as a modem as well as providing wireless networking to my ibook..

It killed several birds with one stone because I now also have a router so I can get internet to an old PC that one of my flatmates has...
Posted by: krusher117

Re:B+W G3s and Modems - 08/10/04 10:54 PM

awesome solution! I'm glad you found something to work for. you. I have 3 graphite base stations and I love it. they show no signs of dying any time soon.