Mac 128K

Posted by: Anonymous

Mac 128K - 06/09/04 08:48 AM

Does anyone know where to get internal hardware for an old Mac 128K. I'd lile to restore it to working conditions.

Please provide options outside of eBay and other bidding type sites. I would like find these parts from a site that is a little more reputable (in my opinion).

Posted by: mark

Re:Mac 128K - 06/09/04 02:42 PM

What parts? Most of them should be swapable with those from more avalible 512's and Pluses. Even in that case you're probably better off finding someone with a semiworking system and gutting it out for you.
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Re:Mac 128K - 06/09/04 02:49 PM

I'd like original equipment if I can get ahold of some. While it isn't an urgent matter, I just wanted to see if anyone had any sources.

I'm pretty much looking for the entire insides, except the monitor and floppy drive.

As far as gutting goes, that is what happened with the machine. It belonged to a school that bought several working and non-working 512 and 128Ks, rebuilt several into working condition and then gave those to a missionary school in Mexico. What I picked up is the remnants.

I also picked up a 512K that I'm eventually going to turn into a fish tank.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Mac 128K - 06/09/04 03:02 PM

Love to see that fish tank. I have always thought that these were very cool mods. A very unique use for an old computer.
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re: Mac 128K - 04/17/07 03:27 AM

Originally Posted By: "magnus "
I also picked up a 512K that I'm eventually going to turn into a fish tank.

I'd love to see this too as I'm still working on mine. I don't like cheap mods, so I'm making this look as "pro" as I possibly can. I'd like to see how you'd angle it!
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Mac 128K - 04/17/07 03:53 AM

I almost bought a mac plus a few years back off of Timeco Computers but I didn't have the money at the time and when I finally had it the site was gone.

I still want to atlest get a classic mac case to use for a mod.
Posted by: jjholly

Re: Mac 128K - 04/17/07 07:59 AM

I wanna make a hamster/mouse cage. ;D
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Mac 128K - 04/17/07 01:08 PM

That would be sweet.