whats up with this?!

Posted by: sam848

whats up with this?! - 06/07/04 12:35 AM

Ive, never gotten a definative answer on what could be causing this noise im having from my iMac. Basically, about 4 years ago my family bought 3 imacs at the same time and mine just happened to be twice as loud as everyones. Now 4 years later (even tho i have switched to the dark side "pc") i keep the iMac and use it for video editing and multimedia production. Well when i press start it sounds like a Boing 747 starting up and you would not belive how bad it is (afraid its gonna get the neibors upset)...... Basically i have come to the conclusion that there is a balance problem with my hardrive? Whatever the case my iMac hasnt missed a beat and still runs strong.... I guess im gonna install some Dynamat sound absorbsion or something in it geeesssshhh!
Posted by: DaleCo2k

Re:whats up with this?! - 06/07/04 12:40 AM

Is the sound it makes a high pitch sound that comes and goes with HD activity or is it more of a constant humming?
Posted by: sam848

Re:whats up with this?! - 06/07/04 12:59 AM

yes definatly comes and goes with the hd kicking in. it is best described as a whirrr, whistle, then a bad vibration sound.... been doing it for 2 years this bad and it still goes strong. Being an automotive machinist, ANYTHING outta balance enought to make noise wipes itself out pretty fast. Theres gotta be a good bearing system in the mac hardrives :P
Posted by: sam848

Re:whats up with this?! - 06/07/04 01:02 AM

It would be funny to put it on our Sunnen dynamic balancer in the machine shop, alongside all the cranks. flexplates and flywheels laugh
Posted by: DaleCo2k

Re:whats up with this?! - 06/07/04 01:20 AM

Wow I'm definately impressed. I would have thought a HD that bad would have died long ago
Posted by: scottk

Re:whats up with this?! - 06/07/04 07:50 AM

Yeah. I've been through 2 loud hard drives on my powermac G4 at work. Usually they act up and that's it! Lucky you, in some sorta strange way. :-D
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:whats up with this?! - 06/07/04 08:57 AM

Sam you should have claimed that on your waranty as soon as you heard something! Now its a bit late. Go to ebay, and buy yourself a hard drive to replace that one, same size, for as little as 30 bucks. They have got to be really cheap now. Or better yet, upgrade to a larger one and start using your imac more! Let us know howit goes.
Posted by: MacDaddy_dup1

Re:whats up with this?! - 06/09/04 03:55 AM

No, do not go to eBay and buy a "used" HD ... just buckle down and buy a new drive so as to obtain warranty and support. Drives are cheap so, don't buy someone else's problem. Save yourself the aggravation.
Posted by: Jack

Re:whats up with this?! - 06/09/04 12:14 PM

You should have brought it back when it was still under warranty...I had sound issue's with my G4 tower....I brought it back and everything was sorted out....
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:whats up with this?! - 06/09/04 12:17 PM

I agree with the new drive, it just seems that if someone is putting up with an old imac thats making strange noises and has been for a while that the last thing they are going to do is go out an buy a new drive. But you are right MacDaddy that would be the "smart" thing to do.
Posted by: JeremyM

Re:whats up with this?! - 08/19/04 09:18 PM

Yes, I can confirm that it is the Hard Drive. We had a iMac Bondi 350mhz. The hard drive was a 6gb or something like that, the thing sounded exactly how you describe. We went out, got a nice 60GB one, and all was well. You better backup anything you have, and get a new HD fast. Ya know why? My dad happened to give me that Hard Drive to put in my *giggle* 8100/110. It worked, for a week. So, I am comfirming that it's the hard drive and that you're the luckiest SOB alive. Good luck.