Technique Guides

Posted by: DaleCo2k

Technique Guides - 06/06/04 11:31 PM

I have been modding for years and I have a full setup of tools and stuff here and was planning on writing a few basic technique guides such as soldering and dremmel tool how-to. I was wanting input from you guys to see what you wanted or needed to know. Any help on ideas would be great.
Posted by: krusher117

Re:Technique Guides - 06/06/04 11:53 PM

Dremel techniques would be cool, especially ones that show how to cut plastic.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re:Technique Guides - 06/09/04 08:27 AM

I have done very little modding and would be very interested in some illustrated tutorials on pretty much anything that you could provide.

Also of interest would be sources for products, some basic electronics tutorials, painting techniques, cost structures, etc.

Thanks for being willing to share your expertise with us!
Posted by: DaleCo2k

Re:Technique Guides - 06/09/04 09:40 PM

Thanks magnus!! Excelent sugestions. Anyone else have any ideas?
Posted by: karl

Re:Technique Guides - 06/09/04 09:46 PM

Soldering 101 would be great as I was trying to revive and mod a RevA basestation and only succeeded in fring the board. The newly airconditioned cover made a funny pencile holdeer for awhile though B)