upgrading iPod

Posted by: iBookdude458

upgrading iPod - 08/01/09 05:22 AM

Hey guys is it a good idea to
upgrad my 60 gig iPod to a 100gb
and a new battery

or should I just buy a new 120 gig classic?
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: upgrading iPod - 08/02/09 02:10 PM

Just get a new 120gb classic.
Posted by: manhackman

Re: upgrading iPod - 08/05/09 05:13 AM

what is the price difference?
Posted by: w2ed

Re: upgrading iPod - 09/21/09 11:30 PM

Sorry for being late - it depends on how much the cost will be, but from what I've seen some of the hard drives are as much as a new iPod itself. if you were modding something beyond the hard drive or trying to hook up a 2.5/3.5 in hard drive instead, I'd say go for it, but I assume you want to keep it portable.
Posted by: KnifeLord

Re: upgrading iPod - 10/09/09 05:30 AM

I agree with manhackman and w2ed, what is the price factor here? Is it a price factor or are you just trying to make your iPod cooler? In that case, expand your mod a bit.

Posted by: w2ed

Re: upgrading iPod - 10/09/09 07:47 AM

Okay, the cost of the battery will be cheap - you'll probably spend between $20-$25 through http://www.macsales.com. As for the hard Drives, good luck - if you find one, they'll probably cost as much as a new iPod Nano. (I found 80 and 120 GB, but not 100 GB, in spite of Toshiba's site boasting of one.) The price of the hard drive alone is where you'll eat your costs at.

I also noted, while on Toshiba's website, that they have a 240Gb PATA - wonder if it might be compatible with the pre-video iPods. smile that'd be a mod worth doing, since Apple has yet to break any ipod beyond the 160GB factor.
Posted by: KnifeLord

Re: upgrading iPod - 10/09/09 06:23 PM

Agreed with w2ed research that 250GB PATA, if that turned out you might have to make a bigger back panel but the sheer power of that would be incredible. Or perhaps an SSD drive, and create the ultimate durability iPod. But if you're just looking for a cheep upgrade, I don't think this is your rout.
Posted by: iBookdude458

Re: upgrading iPod - 10/09/09 07:12 PM

I have surpassed the 60 gigs I have even going up to 80 would be nice. also I need a new battery.

I find that 100 gigs on ebay rang from 50- 175

80s range from 50-100

what should I do?
BTW I'm getting my macbook pro finally and I my wanna wait a bit and just get a classic down the road so they match smile
Posted by: w2ed

Re: upgrading iPod - 10/11/09 12:38 AM

Honestly, I'd wait and just get the classic later, assuming it's still around when you get it. It's not worth the $70-$195 BS Hassle you'll go through to upgrade the other - you won't see it later if you decide to sell it on eBay or Craigslist, and even if you need it now, getting a new classic will serve your needs down the road. Even though we've not had a 100 gig iPod in any line up (that I am aware of), we've had above that for at least 3 generations, so chances are it might be ignored.

If this were a 240 gig upgrade, I'd be more readily convinced of doing it: the most I've seen any iPods, new or past, without a HD replacement is 160, so from an investment standpoint, selling it later may bring back the money - and maybe more.

If you were doing more of a mod than that, I'd tell you to go for it - but even then I'd tell you to go for broke and get the 240, skipping over the 100 and 120 - You never think you'd need more until you have run out of space. 100 gigs is too small and (more importantly) too uncommon to be worth it.