Quicksilver G4 and internal IR

Posted by: RedDrag0n

Quicksilver G4 and internal IR - 06/26/08 11:39 PM

I recently bought an iPod dock along with an iPod Nano and the dock came with an Apple Remote. I was wondering, what products out there can i purchase that will interface with USB and the Apple Remote properly and is it small enough that i can mod it to sit somewhere internally in my G4?

This may have already been answered in a different thread, but hunting through thousands of posts would take up alot of time.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Quicksilver G4 and internal IR - 06/27/08 07:48 PM

I have pulled the IR boards from iMacs (with the cables) and wired them to USB connectors. They are plug and play with Leopard. Surprised no-one has released a third party plug and play one. Unless they have and I just don't know about it.
Posted by: mordaskyt

Re: Quicksilver G4 and internal IR - 07/01/08 11:07 AM

Check out a program called mira. http://twistedmelon.com/mira Its the third party plug in solution that War was speculating about. The dongle they sell is usb but could be mounted internally. War's solution would be much smaller and more elegant, but also more work. Good luck.
Posted by: johnodd4

Re: Quicksilver G4 and internal IR - 06/01/09 04:57 AM

I have seen another mod as well.

using bluetooth and a nintendo wii remote as a controller for front row using a usb bluetooth adapter gamepad companion.

and yes you can wire and hide the bluetooth internally.