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MY FIRST MOD! - 06/10/07 11:21 AM

1.42 GHz Mini AV Workstation in a Briefcase MOD...

Recently, I had to travel to Hawaii for a video project, and I needed an Audio/Video editing workstation with me. I needed a computer with a lot of power & speed, video capture ability, audio and video in and out, editing with some reasonable speed, a lot of storage, and a big 17" LCD.

I don't own a laptop, but I had a 1.42GHz Mini laying around in a canvas bag, collecting dust. Lots of people have seen my mod and said that someone already invented the laptop, but this thing has infinitely more power and speed than any laptop I've ever used. And it's a lot heavier, too! Power and weight... THAT's what I wanted... right! I decided to get brave, and build my first MOD! This is how it went. It took more time than I imagined, but it was WELL worth it. I assume anyone attempting this already knows hot to take things apart, so I leave most of that out.

See the Mod HERE:
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Re: MY FIRST MOD! - 06/11/07 03:41 AM

Case, do you want us to post up your mod here on macmod?
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Re: MY FIRST MOD! - 06/11/07 05:43 AM

that'd be very cool!
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Re: MY FIRST MOD! - 06/11/07 07:31 AM

what about picturres of the inside, underneath the keyboard, all the guts and stuff. More picts please. Ima fan of a good looking attache mod. thought about doing one my self a few times.  it looks good but lets see more pictures!

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Re: MY FIRST MOD! - 06/11/07 10:52 PM

I love the mod.
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Re: MY FIRST MOD! - 06/12/07 01:13 AM

I'll add more pics shortly...  I'm still cleaning it up a bit...
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Re: MY FIRST MOD! - 06/12/07 02:09 AM

Great work man!
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Re: MY FIRST MOD! - 06/12/07 02:45 AM

let us know when you are done with the mod guide and we will arrange to have it added to the site.