posting Mods?

Posted by: CASE42

posting Mods? - 06/05/07 12:29 AM

I`m new... obviously!  Is it safe to assume that if I post my mod in the proper forum, and the admins like it, it will get posted in the MODS section of the site?  Or am I just so new that I don`t get it at all?

I just modded my 1.42 Mini into a killer briefcase AV workstation complete with monitor, and documented the whole process...
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: posting Mods? - 06/05/07 03:00 AM

I guess. I can't find a way to submit guides also, there use to be a way.
Posted by: Kisin

Re: posting Mods? - 06/05/07 04:30 AM

mmmm somebody pm Jacob
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: posting Mods? - 06/05/07 06:02 AM

if you click on the "mods:" link it will give you the list of mods, choose which category, then when it brings up the sub categories. there is a small link that says "new" that will bring up the guide submit editor thingy....
Posted by: CASE42

Re: posting Mods? - 06/05/07 01:24 PM

I have searched and searched... I still cannot find the "new" button.  Am I blind? :-[
Posted by: manhackman

Re: posting Mods? - 06/05/07 04:09 PM

I've looked for it as well, and nothing.  Why don't you post it in a new thread, and it can be added later by someone who has access.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: posting Mods? - 06/05/07 06:28 PM

You are correct. I can't see it anywhere either.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: posting Mods? Here is the link - 06/05/07 07:21 PM

the pictures will show you how to find the editor/submiter for mods. i circled the important links in blue. smile hope this helps
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: posting Mods? - 06/05/07 07:30 PM

CASE42, you don't see the button b/c you were registered as a "registered" user where previous users were registered as authors.  We don't presently have a system in place for submissions.  If you would like to submit, please put together the pictures and email them over to Jacob Head from the contact page.  Hope this helps, can't wait to see your mod.
Posted by: macDeviant

Re: posting Mods? - 06/05/07 07:38 PM

probably why i can see it....... DURR frown
Posted by: 987687

Re: posting Mods? - 06/05/07 09:49 PM

I have the button to add a new mod, is that because I have had an account since before the website upgrade?
Posted by: RadioC1ash

Re: posting Mods? - 07/02/08 03:09 PM

Hrm, I added a mod using the "new" button several days agao, and I've only been registered for like a week. In any case, it still hasn't been posted to the web site. I'm beginning to wonder if I did it wrong.
Posted by: ctan

Re: posting Mods? - 07/16/08 10:35 PM

Sorry about the delay in getting them up there. We're getting a little swamped getting ready for the great mac mod challenge 2008 and daily life.

If it doesn't look right now, give me a shout through the contact page.

Posted by: RadioC1ash

Re: posting Mods? - 07/18/08 01:08 PM

Thanks, it looks great! I appreciate the support wink