Mac Mini External Drive Mod

Posted by: keith117

Mac Mini External Drive Mod - 04/06/07 12:14 AM

hi everyone,
Ive been given a spare 3.5 HDD and want to use it with some stuff i already  have. Ive got a spare Mini mac case which has been gutted and only the chassis and power button remain. Im hoping to get a kit of ebay which has a mains power supply with a molex connector on the end to supple power to the HDD (i wont bother talking about the IDE cause its not important).

What id like to do is somehow route the molex cable through the mac min casee power button so i can turn the drive on when its plugged in instead of the hard drive turning on whenever the PSU is plugged in. I have read that the yellow/orange cable suplies power but could you guys help me as im not sure if its possible to do what i want to do.

On another note id like to split the power from the power molex 3 ways after its been directed through the power button 1. to a fan 2, to a white cathode tube 3. to the hard drive itself. Im presuming that there will be enough power but im not entirely sure, i have an almost dead HDD to test before i put the one im going to use in.

Any help would be great, thanks

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Re: Mac Mini External Drive Mod - 04/12/07 11:36 AM

You might not beable to use the button on the case and you will need a 5volt lead to power the drive and most cath lights need 12 volts leads.
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Re: Mac Mini External Drive Mod - 04/12/07 08:18 PM

Some drive enclosures have power switches, but they tend to be either on or off. The Mac Mini power button is sprung so it only stays on for brief time. You will need some kind of extra logic in order to make it work.
If you are on a budget, OWC do Newertech USB2 to ATA/SATA adaptor for $25 or so. Compact and versatile. The kit includes a power adaptor, though its not switched.
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Re: Mac Mini External Drive Mod - 04/13/07 01:07 AM

Or go to DiscountAuto and buy a 2 or 3 poll switch for 2 bucks.