Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers

Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/02/07 09:16 PM

Has anyone thought about trying to setup a clean energy supply for a home server or network? I am thinking wind turbines since solar is unlikely to provide the juice for my Xserve to run all year round in the UK.
I don't see they can be all that tough to make, Just a fan, a pole and an electric motor when you get down to it.
Any thoughts?
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/02/07 10:23 PM

Perhaps solar and wind in combination, since sufficient wind is not always present and/or blowing in the right direction, and a smart turbine would make for power usage of its own, thus defeating the purpose.  Solar works pretty much whenever there is daylight, so it could be your backup system.  Or, you could run both full time.  Just my tuppence.
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/03/07 01:02 AM

Hey War, there's also a controler needed in the setup, it pretty much helps to control the output of current (peaks, etc.) and converts the energy genereted by the turbine into energy usable for your equipment, it also can charge batteries depending on the model.

anyway, using an electric motor probably will be very innefficient, and the output generated won't justify the costs.

Also, lift is generated at the leading edge of foils, such as fanblades, the longer and narrower a properly designed foil is the  most force it will generate for a given amount of surface area and the less drag.  that's why dedicated wind generators have long narrow blades, thus a fan will have a dificult time rotating a motor of suitable size.

check out

for windgenerators used on boats and click on the link at the end of the page to see some models and their spec

Not trying to disincourage you, just my 2 cents so you can tackle this idea head on,  good luck!
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/03/07 03:44 AM

My house runs on solar, we have batteries, inverters, and lots of panels. So my servers already run on clean free energy. It is only free after you buy the entire solar power system though...
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/03/07 04:40 AM

WOW! CONGRATS ON THAT CHRIS!!!! I wish I, as well as other people, could make that invesment, in the meanwhile check this out, it's uber-expensive but uber-cool too!!!
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/03/07 02:50 PM

kisin, thats really cool!
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/03/07 03:29 PM

Actually I saw that one on design award page and it was what got me thinking about powering my server.
Truth be told, I would just eat the cost of powering it off the mains, its my Mrs whining about it thats prompting me to investigate this. Though free or not, she is far more likely to complain about the noise the wretched thing makes.
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/03/07 03:52 PM

If you live in the UK, you may have a difficult time with solar; for effective usage, a significant amount of sun is needed or you'll find your battaries are perpetually low. My inlaws are of what we call "Southern Wealth" and own a considerable amount of property in the Carolinas. I'm currently trying to convert one of their plantations/farm houses to be completely off grid. However, because it's down in the hollar of the Blue Ridge Mountains (very similar weather to many parts of the UK), it's not ideal area of solar--so I need to either have a lot of cells or figure something else out. Of course, if you're not going completely off grid and just powering some servers, solar cells may do the trick; if your cells are low, simply switch on to city power. Good luck with that project! I know I would love to see a mod guide on that!
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/03/07 05:03 PM

Cool.  Im guessing the system is probably a bit more complex than you realize, but certainly doable.

Anyone read about how the GM Hummer is actually a cleaner vehicle than a Toyota Prius?  Yeah, it is true when you look at the big picture.  The Factory which makes its batteries is located on what is now a barren wasteland.  A massive one at that, and its in Canada (unspoiled for the most part).  What I am trying to say is, always look at the "bigger picture" to make sure what you do is really as effective as first proposed.

I would like to see you do it as my JAllen Folding@Home Farm is estimated at 150 bucks monthly in electrical use!  Every little bit helps.

Good Luck!!!
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/05/07 10:43 PM

Most of my family live out in Nevada and some of them live out in BFE where there isn't any power let alone water. My aunt uses batterys in he trailer to power her TV, computer and microwave. Everything else is propane and uses a cell phone. I think for light she uses a generator. She has a few solar panels to keep the batterys charged but if there isn't light she has extra batterys and a battery charger to connect to the generator. Best of all the generator uses propane.

Theres so many ways to get free electricity. I remember a guide I found back in the day when I use to be a phone freakier. The guide showed a nifty way to make a inverter to make 5 volts from a phone line to 12 volts then used another power inverter to make 112AC. Of corse this was when 12 volt to 112AC inverters were very costly. If you knew alot about cars engines you could convert a old 3 cylinder engine to use propane or ethenol and use it as a generator.

Kinda funny really when you get down to it. AC is obsolete. Everything needs 3, 5, 6, 9 or 12 volts DC. Only a few things need AC current like the Dryer and washer , Fridge, vacuum and A/C.
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/06/07 02:50 PM

But AC works a whole lot better for power transmission.  Much more efficient and can travel long distances.
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Re: Free and Clean Energy For 24/7 Computers - 04/07/07 12:18 PM

I have the solution for ya!

;D  well the website is kinda' cool