Airport Extreme

Posted by: GuitarMknDude

Airport Extreme - 09/25/06 11:32 PM

OK I've done some searching online and haven't found much any one ever try to use a third party mini PCI Wireless G card from Dell they sell on e-bay for like ten bucks If no one knows I may just give it a chance for $10 and of course I'll post it on here and maybe get a list going of compatible cards.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Airport Extreme - 09/26/06 04:02 PM

It needs to have a broadcom chipset on it in order for there to be a chance.
Posted by: GuitarMknDude

Re: Airport Extreme - 09/30/06 06:21 PM

Ok Im Planing on buying one of the cards almost all of them on e-bay are broadcoms. But I have one last question before I get it I need some pictures of the antenna connector male and female, if any one can take some pics of theirs it would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by: emax4

Re: Airport Extreme - 10/01/06 12:08 AM

Just get a Motorola WPCI810G PCI card.  It's got a standard antenna unlike those on apple airport cards.  The first one i got was around $25, when the one I got last week I won on ebay for $9.99 (+$8 shipping).  it's true plug and paly too, no drivers needed.
Posted by: GuitarMknDude

Re: Airport Extreme - 10/01/06 01:11 AM

Yea But im looking at a mini pci card to see if it would work in the mini pci slot of the MDD 800 I dont want to use one of my standard PCI slots if I dont have to.
Posted by: TCPMeta

Re: Airport Extreme - 10/25/06 01:23 AM

Dout you can find one.