Mac Mini Power Supply Help.

Posted by: workingcars

Mac Mini Power Supply Help. - 07/03/06 04:51 PM

Hi and let me say what a class forum you have here with an awful lot of information that i'm sure helps loads of people.

Which brings me to my problem, i am a I-Mac G5 owner for business use, and although i still have a pc, i absolutely love the mac.

So i went and brought a Mac-Mini dual core intel for the car to run on the screen i currently have installed, with an external hd, i now have 27,000 songs and 600 films ripped using handbrake available through front row in the car...!!!

BUT and this is where i need help, i am running an inverter from 12v to 240v, and i get some static interference through the screen, so need to know how to convert the mini to 12v so i can bin the inverter and solve the problem.

Any help or ideas on how to do this would be appreciated.


Posted by: Kisin

Mac Mini Power Supply Help. - 07/03/06 04:56 PM

try browsing through macmod, there have been several mods like yours posted on the site, or you can try to google it.

good luck!
Posted by: whitlock

Mac Mini Power Supply Help. - 07/03/06 06:13 PM

If you are looking for a few pointers as well, I'd try e-mailing the guys at They were the first to drop a mini into a car and I'm sure they would know for sure.

But with the interference, it sounds like you are not getting constant power. You could try dropping a small regulator between the power connection on the display to see if that would help as opposed to possibly killing a mini in the process.
Posted by: jahue

Power Problems? - 07/05/06 05:10 AM

Try looking a these guys they explain how they did alot of their work in detail and are responsive to emails. Not to mention there mod was really clean and well done.

Direct link to page about power inverter.
Posted by: jahue

Mac Mini Power Supply Help. - 07/05/06 05:14 AM

Check out these guys as well.
Posted by: krusher117

Mac Mini Power Supply Help. - 07/05/06 05:25 AM

WOW great find jahue!
Posted by: whitlock

Mac Mini Power Supply Help. - 07/05/06 03:40 PM

That was a great find! I thought I saw something like that a while ago, though couldn't find when I was looking.