needing G5 PS dimensions

Posted by: RedDrag0n

needing G5 PS dimensions - 06/10/06 11:17 AM

Since the lovely people at WeLoveMacs are of absolutely no help (curses and swears at them in 3 languages), is there any way i can get the dimensions for the G5 power supply? I am wondering if i can possibly mod one to go into a G4 tower giving it 600W of power instead of a measly Quicksilver 344W or MDD 400W.

The mod will be done to a Quicksilver G4 but i want more power for the amount of peripherals going into it.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

needing G5 PS dimensions - 06/11/06 01:08 PM

I can't give you the dimensions exactly I'm afraid, but I can tell you why WeLoveMacs may have been reluctant to help you out: The PSU in the G5 is under a removable plate which forms the visible 'floor' of the g5 case when you open it up. The plate is actually wider than the PSU, but the PSU is still huge, and to get it out to measure you have to remove the CPUs and often the logic board.
The G5 PSU should fit in a G4 case, but whether it will fit in there with the other components, I doubt. It is a much bigger unit than the G4 MDD which is a similar shape.
You need to ask someone who has one on the shelf really. I fitted one the other day before you posted, or I'd have helped you out. Ask a big Apple service centre.

The Quad and some of the dual core 2.3s have a 1KW PSU (!)
Posted by: RedDrag0n

needing G5 PS dimensions - 06/12/06 06:06 AM

Well, for those that are wondering why i am asking this, i am hoping to put a G5 PSU in a Quicksilver like so....

(pic curtasy of xlr8yourmac)

I am hoping to boost the voltage quite a bit and have it boot with ADC capabilities along with full firewire voltage support. The only thing i am wondering is if the G5 PSU is too long or too wide. I hope it isn't. If i can just snug it up there, then us G4 users won't have to worry about power problems anymore while using more that the original G4 PSU's can handle. Right now i have a modded 450W in my Sawtooth from the original 237W that it came with. Now running all USB perifials, an updated modded video card, 3 hard drives and a high end dvd burner, my machine doesn't choke. Now if i had the original PSU in, i would have power problems left right and center. This is why i'm asking.
Posted by: RedDrag0n

needing G5 PS dimensions - 06/13/06 08:34 AM

for those who are interested, i finally got the dimensions of the G5 psu.

6 7/8-Wide
2 3/8 -Tall
15 7/8 -Length including the fans on the back

Now if we do a comparison, we will see that other than the fact that the fans are too big, we can do the mod.
case = 7"W x 15"L x 2.5"H
PSU = 6 7/8"W x 15 7/8"L x 2 3/8"H

If we take off the fans, it will fit. Look out modding comunity, here i come with a new QS PSU!!!!
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

needing G5 PS dimensions - 06/13/06 06:19 PM

Those fans are there for a reason. The sort of reason that could burn your house down if you don't pay it sufficient respect. Make sure you compensate for them properly.
Posted by: RedDrag0n

needing G5 PS dimensions - 06/13/06 06:51 PM

yes, they will be going back on either a front or rear mod to either send of exhaust heat.

you thought i would leave them off?????? ROFLMAO