Where to buy?

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Where to buy? - 11/09/05 10:52 PM


Been looking for these fan grills for awhile, does anyone know where I might be able to purchase some? Yes, I can find CCFL grills, but these are the 80mm version that allows 2 to be placed side-by-side (like on my G5). Any color is fine, even UV. Anyone?
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Re:Where to buy? - 11/09/05 11:47 PM

Here are some 80mm ones . They're not sunbeam though. I checked the sunbeam site and it appears those were discontinued. If the ones at frozen cpu don't work here are a couple of other sites that might work:
New Egg

Hope that helps!

Edit:You could also by some 80mm ccfl fans and take the cold cathode from them. Unfortunatley that could get pretty spendy. Just a thought though.

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Re:Where to buy? - 11/10/05 04:24 AM

might beable to find some on pricewatch.com
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Re:Where to buy? - 11/10/05 10:01 AM

Sorry, none of those will work; they need to be physically smaller than the fans themselves in order to fit side-by-side on the fans. I don't necessarily need dual cathode rings, but the grills need to fit. The only reason I gave those as examples was because I know they'll fit if anyone can find them.