Imac slot on pc?

Posted by: neppers

Imac slot on pc? - 09/29/05 08:52 AM

Can I use the iMac slot loader cd-dvd rom on a standard pc? If so, what about drivers?
Posted by: maestro

Re:Imac slot on pc? - 09/29/05 12:51 PM

Welcome to Macmod! Hmmm. Not sure on that one. Why, is the question I have. Thats an old drive, that isnt very fast and may not last too much longer under heavy use. Hopefully someone else can chime in with some experience on that conversion.

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Posted by: TCPMeta

Re:Imac slot on pc? - 09/29/05 01:05 PM

Yes a iMac SL DVD or CD-ROM will work just fine in windows. Just have to do a little sodiering for the power connection. I'm working on a mod guide on how to turn a iMac/Cube CD drive to work as a standard IDE. I need to get one of thoses one time use digital cams to take pics of my modded SL DVD drive I used for my TL iMac mod.
Posted by: shadowboxer47

Re:Imac slot on pc? - 09/29/05 01:13 PM

TCPmeta, you surprise me! You don't have a digital camera? :huh:
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Re:Imac slot on pc? - 09/29/05 07:41 PM

I had one but the batterys exploded and screwed up the camera. I can still use it but it would be power though the USB cable so I would be on a short leash lol. Damn cable is only 3 feet long.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Imac slot on pc? - 09/29/05 07:43 PM

Get a USB battery charger, like they make for the iPod shuffles. That may solve your problem with keeping it juiced.